The Craziest Instagrams From The 2018 SAG Awards

During awards shows, actors (and other celebrities) get crazy. I mean, this is their night — it's prom for Hollywood, so things are going to get silly and fun, and, most importantly, things will be documented on Instagram. What fun! Tonight, we're mostly concerned with actors, as the ordeal at hand is the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. At the ceremony, actors will be primped and polished, all glowy for the ceremony. But on Instagram, the gloves come off. Jokes are told! Food is noshed upon! Celebrities dance together! Actors from disparate worlds suddenly find themselves in a position to hang out! (See: At the Golden Globes, when Drake reportedly encountered Issa Rae.)
Point is, there are really two shows going on here: The real show, the one on television, and the sneaky show, the one on social media. Get a peek at the sneaky show, ahead, with Instagrams from the celebs who won, the celebs who lost, and the celebs who weren't even nominated.
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