Jamie Dornan's Struggle To Look Sexy On The Beach Is The Most Relatable Thing

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Just because you're the lead in a psychosexual thriller franchise doesn't mean it's always easy to look smoldering in every frame. For Jamie Dornan, there was one particular scene in Fifty Shades Freed that completely threw him off his "I'm playing a sexy billionaire" game.
In an interview with The Graham Norton Show, Dornan confessed that one of his steamiest moments from the Fifty Shades Freed trailer was actually a huge struggle to perform. (Nope, it wasn't a shower sex scene, though I imagine that wasn't a particularly easy day on set, either.) Instead, the scene simply involved... Dornan strolling across a beach.
Sounds easy? Wrong, declared Dornan on The Graham Norton Show, where he appeared alongside Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson.
In addition to being watched by hoards of Fifty Shades fans, Dornan said that it was physically painful to walk out of the water, towards his co-star Dakota Johnson.
"They want me to look sexy, coming out of the water, this whole James Bond thing," Dornan explained on the talk show. "But it's not a sand beach. It's one of those pebble beaches."
Dornan then mimed his stumbling across the beach, and it was — well, not super hot. Fortunately, the film's production crew had a solution.
"They put down a carpet," admitted Dornan. "It didn't really work. They put rocks on it to try to keep it down, but still, there were still rocks underneath."
Ultimately, Dornan had to wear shoes.
"I ended up wearing those little guppie shoes, those little gel shoes. No one in the world has looked sexy in those."
Fortunately, Dornan and Johnson have had plenty of practice with the sexy stuff. If they can make drawing all over Christian Grey's body with lipstick look tantalizing (as opposed to just, err, messy?), then ugly shoes can't possibly take down Dornan.
Watch the rest of the interview below:

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