Paris Jackson Says She Was Robbed By Hitchhikers

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images.
Paris Jackson posted a series of videos to her Instagram revealing that she was robbed after offering a ride to some hitchhikers in Los Angeles.
“So, last night I picked up a couple of hitchhikers," the daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson recounts, adding that one of the women was a little worse for wear, reports Entertainment Tonight. According to her story, Jackson not only gave them a ride but also stopped by a fast food restaurant to buy them dinner in addition to giving the woman a pair of her socks.
Jackson took a moment to make it clear that she wasn't telling the story to remind people that she is "such a good person," but rather to explain that her act of kindness did not go completely according to plan. Sharing her frustration, Jackson says that the woman stole her debit card.
Her Instagram story has since expired; however, a fan account saved Jackson's account of the events.


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The model, who is known for her passion for charity work and activism, was understandably unhappy with the outcome. "I gave you guys a fucking ride across L.A. and I do my very, very best to be the best Uber driver ever, even though I’m not a part of Uber and you steal my shit, dude? What the fuck," concluded Jackson.
The story is left there. Hopefully, she was able to cancel the card once she realized it was stolen.
Jackson has used much of her social media presence and her platform as a celebrity to express how important it is to give back. With a desire to be a role model, she explained to Stellar Magazine that "My activism and my work, such as missions like Puerto Rico, are on the top of my life of priorities."
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