Paris Jackson Just Made The Best Point About Beauty Standards

Photo: Jackson Lee/FilmMagic.
Paris Jackson isn't like other up-and-coming stars — she's a cool star. From her head-turning role on Star to her foray into the fashion world (being a Calvin Klein muse and all), she's always been about forging her own path.
As Yahoo! reports, she made that pretty clear when she tweeted at i-D magazine (she's on the cover), saying that she didn't give clearance for part of her interview with the magazine. However, while she took issue with the intro, the text-message conversation contained a few gems, including some strong words about today's unattainable beauty standards.
About that intro, though. The writer noted that Jackson seemed pretty grounded for someone who grew up with a "privileged — if sheltered and a little strange — existence." Jackson blasted that portrayal, saying she was "so disappointed."
But she wasn't disappointed in her interview, which included her calling out the current fashion establishment for not straying from the standard size 0 models. According to Jackson, she's not an ideal, she's herself. And more than anything, she's fine with that.
"I can't fit into a runway sample size of designer clothes, I have scars and stretch marks and acne and I have cellulite," the 19-year-old told the magazine. "The idea that we all have to fit one idea of beauty is outrageous and ridiculous because 'perfection' is just an opinion.
"I still have countless insecurities and fears, like everyone else I know," she added. "But we're getting there, slowly but surely. Which is a big reason I want to change this fashion/beauty stigma, so it's not as difficult for people around the world to feel beautiful just the way they are."
Jackson hopes that her fresh approach to self-actualization can break through the impossible-to-achieve portrayals of perfect models and actors that surround us today.
"I’m human," she said. "Not a dress-up doll."
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