20 Questions I Have About Kim Kardashian's Louis Vuitton Trash Cans

Photo: Taylor Hill/Film Magic.
Kim Kardashian just revealed on her Instagram story that she has an impressive set of Louis Vuitton trash bins. Well, we think. (See photographic evidence of the trash cans below.) Kardashian shared a photo of the trash cans without context, but, presumably, she's just exited that they exist. And honestly, we are, too. This is what the Kardashians are for: to demonstrate great wealth in the most unexpected of places. Who knew you could have branded trash cans? We certainly didn't.
We actually have a few more follow-up questions for Kardashian about these trash cans.
1. Did you paint these logos yourself?
2. Okay, did you hire someone to paint these logos?
3. Did Louis Vuitton give you permission to reprint the logo?
4. Did Louis Vuitton request that you use the logo on your trash bins?
5. A follow-up: Did Louis Vuitton subsequently request that you share these bins on Instagram?
6. We take a brief respite from questions to appreciate the fact that Kim Kardashian recycles. The Earth matters, y'all.
7. Do you also have Louis Vuitton-printed trash bags?
Photo: Instagram/@KimKardashian.
8. Because, you know, Louis Vuitton trash bags exist.
9. And what brand is your garbage disposal?
10. Your plunger?
11. Do you have Louis Vuitton toilet paper?
12. We're actually not sure if Louis Vuitton ever made toilet paper, but there is a fair amount of imagery available.
13. How do you feel when you bring your trash to Louis Vuitton trash bins?
14. Is the painted trash can in accordance with city ordinances?
15. Have you ever taken your trash out while wearing Louis Vuitton shoes and then said, "Whoa!"
16. Do you refer to your trash cans as your "Louis Vuittons"?
17. If so, you could twist the lyrics of J Lo's song "Louboutins" to sound like you're singing about your trash cans.
18. Would you ever paint a different logo on your trash cans?
20. Lastly, is Kylie Jenner pregnant?
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