This Game Of Thrones-Themed Hotel Is Literally Made of Ice & We Need To Go

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
No one would actually want to live in the Westeros from George R.R. Martin's mind, right? We definitely wouldn't want a life in that universe, however, it might be fun to visit a version of it, just for a quick vacation. This year, a safe and pleasant — but very cold — take on Westeros has become a reality at Lapland Hotels' SnowVillage in Finland.
In 2018, the SnowVillage, which, according to it's website, is created every year with nearly 45 million pounds of snow and over 770,000 pounds of ice, was designed in collaboration with HBO Nordic and has an impressive Game Of Thrones theme. The GOT-inspired destination is a little over 20,000 square feet and is made up of a hotel, two restaurants, a bar, and even a chapel for weddings — don't worry, we're sure marriages that start here will be much more successful than those tragic ones portrayed in Game Of Thrones.
Each element of the village is actually made of snow and ice and has Game Of Thrones features sculpted by artists from across Europe. Just as like in Winterfell, visitors are encouraged to wear clothing that's appropriate for the cold weather, though the SnowVillage's website insists that it "remains at a comfortable -2 and -5 celsius degrees, regardless of the outdoor temperature." Before booking a vacation there, you might want to find out where Sansa gets her massive furs.
Winterfell isn't the only George R.R. Martin-designed land featured in the SnowVillage. Inside, there's a snowy adaptation of the Hall of Faces found in Braavos and even an icy Iron Throne that usually sits in the Great Hall of Red Keep in King's Landing. Visitors may even spot a White Walker, which we thought never went beyond the Wall.
Lapland Hotels SnowVillage is taking reservations now through August. Those who aren't staying at the hotel or eating at the restaurants can still visit to see all the sights. which is great since frozen in ice is the only way, outside of books and television, that we'd want to experience the world created for Game Of Thrones.

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