Stitcher's New Podcast Is Meant To Feel Like A "Good Old-Fashioned Bra Burning"

Photo: Courtesy of Stitcher.
It's 2018, so it's about time we had a podcast about being "unladylike." (After all, women spent centuries attending etiquette classes to learn how to be ladylike. Let's unlearn it all!) On January 23, the podcast network Stitcher will debuted a podcast to do just that. It's called, fittingly, Unladylike. Podcast veterans Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin will host the show, which will feature an interview format. Conger and Ervin will interview prominent academics, activists, and comedians in the hopes of getting to the bottom of all this "ladylike" business.
"Getting unladylike is the first step in not only claiming space for ourselves, but also making room for other overlooked stories and voices," Ervin said in a press release.
Conger and Ervin hosted the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, an offshoot of the podcast brand HowStuffWorks, for seven years. For that podcast, though, the duo were tucked away in a studio, thinking and researching.
"With this new show, we are so excited to be having conversations with people outside the studio, and getting outside of our own backyards to really get a sense of what's going on with women in the world," Conger told Refinery29.
She added, "Podcasting has been expanding and developing so much for the past couple years, and we both wanted to stretch our podcasting skills and, as podcast listeners and fans, to make the show that we wanted to hear, which was an even more feminist and inclusive podcast accessible to anyone who wanted to tune in."
Unladylike guests will include people such as comedian Jo Firestone, who is perhaps most famous for playing Betsy DeVos on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jessamyn Stanley, the yoga devotée, activist, and author of the book Every Body Yoga. The goal of the podcast is to broaden the scope of feminism; to talk less, and listen more. And podcasting, the audio-only medium favored by commuters everywhere, is the perfect place to do it.
"We take really seriously the power of our words, and the power of the medium to connect with people in such a deep way that I've never seen on other digital media platforms," Conger added. "Because of how intimate the medium is. Because of that, the power of that platform, it's crucial for us to infuse it with as much feminism as possible."
What can you expect from the first season of Unladylike? Well, there'll be hard conversations, there'll be fuzzy conversations, and there'll be a call-to-arms.
Concluded Conger, "I hope that people walk away with the feeling of the Women's March, the #metoo movement, and a good old-fashioned bra burning, all rolled into one."
The first episode of Unladylike will drop January 23, 2018. Listen to the full trailer, below.
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