Chrissy Teigen Had One Weird Flight — & She Wants Answers

Something you really, really wouldn't want to hear when you're almost halfway through an 11-hour flight to Japan? "We're turning around, folks."
Yet that's exactly what happened what happened to Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend last night, during their flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, where they were heading to celebrate New Years. Four hours into the All Nippon Airlines Flight 175 to Tokyo's Narita Airport, the plane changed directions and headed back to L.A.
Luckily, Teigen had internet access and was able to laugh through the whole strange experience on her favorite medium: Twitter.
For context, here is flight ANA175's unusual flight path.
As Teigen later learned, the plane was forced to turn around after the crew discovered that one of the 226 passengers aboard the flight had actually boarded the incorrect plane. An official statement from All Nippon reads, "As part of the airline’s security procedure, the pilot in command decided to return to the originating airport, where the passenger was disembarked.”
There were no further details about the passenger provided, though Teigen was certainly searching for answers.
After landing back in L.A., Teigen says that authorities were interviewing the people around the mystery passenger. Teigen tweeted, "Still on the plane. Starting to get a James Franco in spring breakers would say... spicious." She continued, "Ok I'm officially ready to say something is up."
The airline is currently assessing how the passenger was able to make it aboard an incorrect flight. That a person could just waltz onto the wrong plane forced Teigen to question the very nature of airplane travel. What is the utility boarding pass scanner? What are tickets?
Teigen laughed her way through the bizarre experience — or, as she put it, an eight-hour "flight to nowhere."
After eight hours in the air, she and Legend finally landed back in Los Angeles.
She continued her live-tweeting long after getting off the airplane. She and Legend were moved to an airport lounge where they were served ramen noodles. (Further salt in the wound that they were not, in fact, in Tokyo.)
In another weird twist (because there aren't enough!), Teigen and Lisa Rinna had a little back-and-forth. First, Teigen posted a clip of her watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the lounge. Rinna, concerned for Teigen's safety, tweeted: "Guys what’s happening with @chrissyteigen and the plane? I’m behind but worried." Teigen responded with conspiracy theory fodder.
After about four hours, Teigen and Legend boarded another flight to Tokyo. She had one major concern.
If this experience teaches us anything, it's to always sit next to Teigen on an airplane. She seems like a blast of a seat companion — as one fan found out.
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