This Adorable Photo Is The Early Holiday Gift Sprousehart Fans Deserve

The only mystery more intriguing than who's terrorizing Riverdale is the one surrounding Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's relationship status. The evidence suggesting that the two are, in fact, romantically linked IRL has been piling up for a while — many people don't go to breakfast at 1 a.m. or wear matching Halloween costumes with just anyone — and this latest clue is giving us all the feels.
No, your eyes do not deceive you. Reinhart definitely has her arms locked around Sprouse's waist and a smile as big as a little kid who's rummaging through stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. We're not body language experts, but her overall composure combined with Sprouse's casual head tilt onto her cheek seems to indicate some major couple-y vibes. Besides, as Cosmopolitan and the below Twitter user point out, Skeet Ulrich appears to have included Reinhart as one of the "Jones'"!
Others, too, jumped in with their own takes, including this especially fiery one: "Yeah sex is cool but have you ever scrolled through your feed and seen a new Sprousehart selfie because whooo lemme tell ya that is a high like no other."
Live your truth, girl.
Of course, the photo might not mean anything at all aside from three cast members enjoying each other's company on set and wanting to share their collective happiness with the world. After all, Sprouse and Reinhart have been notoriously tight-lipped about any potential sparks between them, selfies and heartwarming Instagram posts be damned.
Ultimately, their relationship status, whether it be "just friends" or "dating," is totally theirs to share or keep to themselves. As much as we'd love to know all of the deets, they don't owe us anything, and that's okay! We can still, politely, speculate and dream of a Sprousehart NYE photo after the clock strikes midnight.

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