Skechers Are Back, Baby!

Yeah, we said it. In a moment where "dad sneakers" and "ugly shoes" are dominating fashion influencer feeds, is the quintessential footwear brand of our childhood making a comeback? While technically the label hasn't gone anywhere, Skechers has been relegated to a space of hardcore Kardashian fans who bought into Kim's "shape-ups," nostalgia for heelies and roller skate sneakers, and suburban parents. But with the launch of the Balenciaga Triple S shoe, the return of New Balance, and even Acne Studios' quick-selling Manhattan sneakers, we're seeing a rise in not just the dad sneaker, but an all too familiar chunky sneaker that stole our hearts almost two decades ago. Credit the brands with being influenced by the shoes of the era in general, but the direct influence to Skechers' iconic 2000s best-seller is too similar to separate.
If you need a refresher on just how coveted a pair of Skechers were in the early 2000s, allow us to reference Britney Spears' absolutely iconic attachment to the Skechers Energy sneaker. It was the sneaker heard 'round the world that the company even credits as "a phenomenon and [its] first global bestseller." What even was a trip to the mall in 2001 if you weren't walking out with a shiny new pair of chunky Skechers? Throughout the '00s, the Energy sneaker delved through a myriad of minimal reinventions and new monikers. In 2003, Spears' pop rival Christina Aguilera became the spokesperson for a revamp of the shoe named "Premium" until 2007, when Skechers launched it's final iteration, the signature "D'Lite."
Unfortunately, that's probably around the same time you discovered all-black Chucks and slip-on Vans at Journey's. Fashion decided it cavorted with slim-downed sneakers long enough, with sneaker heads' closets have become rife with chunkier styles like the Nike Air Max 95 and 97s, and Instagram influencers pairing midi floral dresses with Pierre Hardy Trek Comet sneakers.
So is it time for the OG dad sneaker to make its return? Or better yet, is it time we reclaim the dad sneaker since we were the ones who were wearing them since the get-go? With an under $100 price tag, Skechers would have us saying 'yes.'

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