We Have A Lot Of Questions About These Glue-On Eyebrow Extensions

If you want fuller, longer eyelashes, there's a feast of solutions to choose from — all of which are, for the most part, painless. But if you want thicker eyebrows? Well, that takes a lot more work. You could give microblading a go, or maybe use your lash serum on your brow hairs and hope for the best. Or, you could try this K-beauty product that's blowing the internet's mind.
Allure recently reported on the popular video posted by Vogue Korea that looks to be a total game-changer. In the Instagram video below, you'll see a pot of black goop. Inside that goop are thickening fibers that look a lot like brow hairs. The goal: Use this to fatten up your own fringe.
The video itself is mesmerizing — but the concept behind the featured product is surprisingly simple. The brow-filling product, called Reallyyy? Eyebrow Extensions, uses a similar method of fiber mascaras: Coat your lashes with the hair-like fibers, then top it off with a sealant.
In theory, Reallyyy Eyebrow Extensions could work. Brow extensions aren't a new trend in the beautysphere, but this grooming product brings an innovative twist to the concept so you might be able to DIY at home. Here's how it works: Housed inside a translucent, gel-based formula, the brow fibers are applied with a thin applicator brush. Once you spread the fibers on the brow, you wait for it to dry. After it sets, brush through them with a clean spoolie. In Vogue Korea's caption, it suggests not placing the fibers anywhere but the tail-end of your eyebrow to fill in the sparse areas. But hell, this looks so fun — and slightly nauseating — so you can bet we'd play with the stuff from front to back until the entire pot was empty.
Sadly, this product isn't available in the U.S., but given the fact that it's racked up a million views in just a few days, the brand might just have to consider. In the meantime, there are always those great brow fiber gels from Maybelline, Make Up For Ever, and Glossier...
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