This Is How To Perfectly Time Your New Year's Eve Playlist, According To Twitter

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Twitter has joined forces to plan out your perfect New Years Eve playlist. Specifically, how to perfectly time your favorite song with the stroke of midnight.
Picture this: The end of 2017 is getting closer and you want to make sure you start of 2018 right.
If there is one thing that sets the mood in any situation, it is a great song. Whether you're psyching yourself up for a job interview, taking an epic road trip, or just getting ready for a Saturday night out, any situation can be infinitely improved with the right song. The moment the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve is no different.
Countless people on Twitter agree, but they took it one step further. They calculated exactly when they would need to start playing their most beloved songs so that their favorite part would play right as they ring in the new year.
Some chose more recent songs from this past year, but most chose iconic, danceable songs.
Personally, as someone who makes playlists for everything from road trips to grocery trips, I think this is a great way to start of the New Year. After all, the right song really can make all the difference.
This Twitter thread really got me thinking: What song would I choose for the final countdown of 2017? While these are all excellent suggestions, I can't imagine a New Year's Eve countdown without "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners. It's usually only played a weddings and it was probably me who requested it; however, if you start it at 12:56:25 p.m., the breakdown matches up with the countdown and the chorus begins at midnight.
(A close second would be "Mr. Brightside" though, because that song is a jam whenever you play it.)
Whatever song you choose, make sure you time is just right — you'll officially turn your New Year's Eve party into a movie musical moment.

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