The Greatest Song Lyrics Of The Year (So Far)

It's already become pretty clear that 2017 is going to be a stellar year for music. We're anticipating new albums from tons of our favorite artists, which you can keep track of here. We've got a running hot new songs each week to add to your playlist rotation. And now, we're keeping you clued in on the best lyrics we've heard this year (so far).
But what makes a lyric great? Well, that's up to the songwriter and the listener — music is personal, and what sticks with one person might soon be forgettable to another, but we think you'll agree that these have a way of perking one's ears up. Great lyrics can make you laugh, make you think, make you feel. From the witty to the heartbreaking, from sweet pop choruses to politically-charged rap verses, we appreciate them all.
So enjoy our very favorite lyrics of 2017 so far. We'll be updating this post every couples of weeks to keep things fresh.
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"Échame La Culpa," Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

Okay, I don't really, really wanna fight anymore
I don't really, really want to fake it no more
Play me like The Beatles, baby, just let it be
So come on, put the blame on me, yeah

Following the crazy success of Despacito, Fonsi boasts another upbeat, can't-help-but-dance, song with the help of Demi Lovato.
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"&burn," Billie Eilish ft. Vince Staples

Go ahead and watch my heart burn
With the fire that you started in me
But I'll never let you back to put it out

15-year-old Eilish is a musical force, and this track echoes the somber, emotional vibes of her debut EP, released earlier this year.
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"Him & I," G-Eazy & Halsey

In the end, it's him and I
He's out his head, I'm out my mind
We got that love, the crazy kind
I am his, and he is mine
In the end, it's him and I

This track, by real-life couple Halsey & G-Eazy, takes the idea of ride-or-die to another level.
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"In Tune," Big Sean & Metro Boomin

And I follow the signs, yeah not street signs
I mean universal signs, I'm outside
And I realize my life got more meaning than a triple-entendre
And I realize any time the perfect time

This catchy track from Big Sean and super-producer Metro Boomin's collab album lauds the importance of being "in tune" with the world around you.
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"Pineapple Skies," Miguel

Would you look up, baby?
It's pineapple purple skies
Promise everything gon' be alright
Ooh ooh, I promise everything gon' be alright

Everything about this song is an instant mood-booster.
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"Obsessed," Maggie Lindemann

You're looking in my eyes, just to see your own
See your own reflection, your own reflection
Your body's overpriced 'cause you pay yourself
Way too much attention, too much attention

Sometimes people really just to check their ego at the door.
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"Runaway," Sasha Sloan

Every time I fall in love
I go and fuck it up when it gets good
Don't you think it's funny?
Don't you think it's funny?
I know I did all the shitty things to you
That I said I never ever would
Baby, that's so like me

Sloan is a superstar in the making, and her latest track is an honest, heartbreaking look into her romantic shortcomings.
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"Naked," James Arthur

'Cause here I am, I'm givin' all I can
But all you ever do is mess it up
Yeah, I'm right here, I'm tryin' to make it clear
That getting half of you just ain't enough

The "Say You Won't Let Go" singer's latest song details struggles of reciprocity in a volatile relationship.
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"Glad You Came," AREA21

Look at you
You only come around when the bottles out
You only come around when the models out

This track from AREA21, aka the duo of Martin Garrix and Maejor, is a short, addictive ode to the lure of nightlife.
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"Lean," Cam'ron

That's power, I play my post, one day
You're the best thing since sliced bread, the next day you're toast
I can never be toast, hell no

Cam'ron's remake of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me" pays homage to his turbulent upbringing and the trials of the hot-and-cold musical landscape.
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"I Know," Kodie Shane

Look at my Pumas they Fenty
High note like Whitney
Moonwalking like Michael

This blossoming female rapper is part of Lil Yachty's crew, and we're seriously impressed with the 19-year-old's musical chops (and her Rihanna reference).
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"Long As You're In It," Jake Owen

There ain't nothin' missing in this life I'm livin'
As long as you're in it

Country crooner Owen lays on the romance in this new track.
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"All Night" Steve Aoki & Lauren Jauregui

The crowd fades, tunnel vision
In a daze, and the only thing I feel is you
In perfect syncopation
Face to face, tell me do you feel it too?

The Fifth Harmony songstress croons about lust-at-first-sight in this Aoki-backed track.
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"Call Me," Tritonal

So call me
Anything you want
As long as you call me

People make crazy sacrifices in relationships.
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"Slow" Matoma ft Noah Cyrus

It's three o'clock in the morning
No one can make me go home
'Cause no one's waiting there for me
And I just can't be alone

Sometimes being alone is the hardest things to do.
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"Ready Yet" Sasha Sloan

I just wanna be your friend again
But there's some shit I can't forget
I don't think I'm ready yet

Sloan's breathy vocals and volatile lyrics about a failed relationship are intensely captivating.
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"Roses" Kelsea Ballerini

Yeah, we were classic
My dress, your leather jacket
Didn’t know how good we had it
But, boy, we had it

This Taylor Swift-esque track pays homage to a brief, youthful romance.
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"Walk On Water" Eminem ft. Beyoncé

Why are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set?
My arms, I stretch, but I can’t reach

Eminem and Beyoncé's surprise collab reminds us that, yes, celebs are human too.
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"Dirty Sexy Money," David Guetta & Afrojack ft. CharliXCX & French Montana

I want you bad, want you bad, want you bad
Saw you in the moonlight
Think you lookin' fine, want you bad
Got me good, never turn back

This talent-filled banger hones in on the initial electricity of attraction.
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"Call It What You Want," Taylor Swift

My baby's fly like a jet stream
High above the whole scene
Loves me like I'm brand new

A personal favorite of T.Swift's latest singles, "Call It What You Want" is a delightfully catchy homage to her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alywn.
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"Wait," Maroon 5

Wait, can you turn around, can you turn around?
Just wait, can we work this out, can we work this out?
Just wait, can you come here please? 'Cause I wanna be with you

A melodic ode to the one that got away.
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"Ghost White Dress," TYSM

Don't let me in
Wanna let me in
I cannot stop it
I might push you into your coffin

Because sometimes its fun to do things you know aren't productive.
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"Lil Favorite," Ty Dolla $ign ft MadeinTYO

That's my lil' favorite bih, don't stop it
She be rockin' Prada with Balenciaga
Pull up in that foreign playin' Lady Gaga

Ty Dolla $ign lauds monotony in this track — a rare, but encouraging, feat in the rap world.
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"H8U," Liz Huett

I think that I hate you
And your pretty face too
I think that I hate you
'Cause you're over there, so over me
You make it look easy

We've all been there.
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"Wolves," Selena Gomez X Marshmello

Your fingertips trace my skin
To places I have never been
Blindly, I am following
Break down these walls and come on in

Gomez's latest track, created with EDM DJ Marshmello, personifies the carnal urgency of a volatile relationship.
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"Whiskey," Maroon 5 ft. A$AP Rocky

Would've left this world behind
Just to wake up by your side
Every mornin' I
Would've sold my soul for a little more time

Maroon 5 and A$AP Rocky collaborate on this track lamenting over a failed relationship.
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"Gorgeous," Taylor Swift

You should take it as a compliment
That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk
You should think about the consequence
Of your magnetic field being a little too strong

In Swift's latest release she croons about meeting someone and being completely, immediately infatuated.
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"Touch," Kehlani

I feel you in my bones
Your kisses feel like home

Kehlani's latest single is a saccharine, romantic ode to the honeymoon phase.
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"High End," Chris Brown ft. Future & Young Thug

Left my Tesla sittin' at the house on the charge
I just met the owners of Chanel and Diadora
'Cause they say I'm spendin' too much money in the stores

Sometimes you just gotta take a minute to celebrate your successes in life.
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"Eyes On You," Chase Rice

Don't matter where we've been
Know there ain't no better view
Than you in my arms with my eyes on you

This song sounds like what love feels like.
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"Changed," Gucci Mane ft. Big Sean

Old Gucci Mane was addicted to dranking
New Gucci Mane, I'm addicted to Franklins
No, we not the same, I'm evolving

"Changed" is an homage to all of the positive changes Gucci has made in his life since his 2016 release from prison.
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"Already Gone," filous ft. Emily Warren

I don’t wanna lose you, come on now, it isn’t fair
Reaching out to touch you and grab the air

This breathy collab between songwriter Emily Warren and 20-year-old producer filous is perfectly addicting, enchanting electro-pop.
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"Nobody Compares To You," Gryffin & Katie Pearlman

Nobody, nobody, nobody compares to you
Somebody, somebody please help me get over you
‘Cause it feels like I’ve been wasting my time
In all the wrong places, on all the wrong faces
Nobody compares to you

Breakups really, really, really suck.
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"Giving Up Ground," Chelsea Cutler ft. Quinn XCII

But you know I'm done pretending I'm wrong when it's not my fault
And baby, I'm done pretending it's love, when it's not your all
Tell the next girl all the things that you told me
All you let slip, 'cause you were hurt and you were lonely
I've found that giving up ground ain't what I want

This song outlines issues of romantic reciprocity in an eerily relatable way.
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"Undefeated," A Boogie Wit da Hoodie ft. 21 Savage

I think it's catching up to me
Nobody's catching up to me
I'm like can I get some company
I'm like damn I'm really undefeated, yeah, yeah, yeah

21-year-old rapper Artist Julius Dubose, aka A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, speaks to his impressively early successes in the rap game.
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"Let You Down," NF

Feels like we're on the edge right now
I wish that I could say I'm proud
I'm sorry that I let you down
Let you down

Rapper NF laments over the difficulties of living up to parents' expectations, and the inevitability of disappointment. Everyone's human, after all.
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"I Would Die For You," Miley Cyrus

When you're gone, time moves so slow
Like the grass, I've watched us grow
I've heard you reap only what you'll sow
How could I ever let you know?

This track from Miley's latest album feels like a heartfelt love note to fiancée Liam Hemsworth.
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"End," Jeremy Zucker

I'm staring at the clouds
You know I hate this weather
But we can work it out
I swear I could do better, if you let me
So we wait for things to change
I never thought that this could end
If I'm not with you how could I fall asleep again?

This song boasts some of the most addicting lyrics we've heard all year — they're almost poetic in their honesty.
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"Hi Bich," Bhad Bhabie

Play if you want
But you know I ain't playin' like
White J's, white Porsche
White wrist, white horse

Danielle Bregoli, a Dr. Phil patient turned social media mogul, is only 14 and has already successfully branched out into rapping under the name Bhad Bhabie.
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"Don't," Darius Rucker

'Cause every single mornin'
My eyes fall open on you
It's like my dreams keep goin'
On and on and on

The former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman has a knack for penning the most heartfelt love songs, and "Don't" is no exception.
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"Homemade Dynamite (Remix)," Lorde ft. Post Malone, SZA, Khalid

I checked your girl at the door
I sent your friend to the store
It's only me and you, finally us two
And I don't regret drinkin' this liquor, makin' you listen

SZA's verse in Lorde's action-packed remix channels late-night dalliances and liquor-fueled romance.
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"I Believe In Us," Léon

Cause I've been dreaming that you love me in the morning
Love me when the morning comes
I've been dreaming that you love me when the fighting
Love me when the fighting's done

This potent ballad is giving us serious Adele vibes in the best way.
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"Almost Over You," Jessie James Decker ft. Randy Houser

I wasn't lookin' for love
I was lookin' for a nightcap
I was about to head home
'Til you walked in lookin' like that

Jessie James Decker's fresh country-pop track mirrors the agony of moving on from a failed relationship.
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"Quicksand," SZA

All good, what's the difference?
Still good, split the difference
All good, what's the difference if it's still good
Just not yours exclusively?

SZA sings each word of "Quicksand," a slow-jam about a doomed relationship, with intoxicating conviction.
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"Holding Your Tongue," Terror Jr.

Got me swinging with a broken bat
Staring at someone that I'm supposed to love
But it looks like the barrel of a gun, it feels like
You're holding your tongue

This Felix Snow produced track hooked us from the moment we heard the catchy chopped & pitched vocals, paired with the funky, provocative lyrics.
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"Dusk Til Dawn," ZAYN ft Sia

Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room?

ZAYN's latest musical offering is a contemplative ballad about volatile, lustful love.
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"Lambo," Maria Lynn, Steve Reece

'Cause you make me feel so cool
Like brand new rims on a Lamborghini

This track is falling-in-love personified.
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"For You," SoMo

I can order a ride and you can stay 'til the morning
And you know I got the key, but the doors stay open
For you, for you

SoMo is the king of slow jams, and this super-catchy track is no exception.
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"What Lovers Do," Maroon 5 ft. SZA

Aren't we too grown for games?
Aren't we too grown to play around?

Adam Levine and SZA croon about being torn between a casual romance and something deeper.
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"The Way Life Goes," Lil Uzi Vert

If she ever call my phone, you know I gotta dead her
But I like that girl too much, I wish I never met her

Because relationships are hella complicated.
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"Sky Walker," Miguel ft. Travis Scott

I'm Luke Skywalkin' on these haters
Celebrate every day like a birthday
Good things come to those that wait up
But don't wait to jump in too long
Don't sleep, you gotta stay up

The Star Wars reference won us over on this uber catchy, live-your-life-to-the-fullest anthem.
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"Tell Me You Love Me," Demi Lovato

And I hope I never see the day
That you move on and be happy without me
Without me

Lovato's emotionally-charged track echoes feelings we've all had.
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"Bodak Yellow," Cardi B

Don't you come around my way
You can't hang around my block
And I just checked my accounts, turns out, I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich
I put my hand above my hip, I bet you dip, he dip, she dip

This infectious, take-over-the-world anthem is the highest charting rap song by a female artist since Nicki Minaj's Anaconda.
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"Friends," Justin Bieber & BloodPop

Wonderin' if you've got a body
To hold you tighter since I left
Wonderin' if you think about me
Actually, don't answer that

"Friends" sounds like it was penned for a certain famous ex of Bieber's, but it perfectly describes all uncertain, maybe-we-will-get-back-together relationships.
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"Why," Sabrina Carpenter

You like New York City in the daytime
I like New York City in the nighttime
You say you like sleeping with the air off
I don't, I need it on

Because sometimes, opposites attract.
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"Text Ur Number," DJ Envy, DJ Sliink, Fetty Wap

Text your number, babe
All I want is you, babe

This song's simplicity and catchy, happy beat make for a magical pop/rap/EDM hybrid.
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"Hymn," Kesha

This is a hymn for the hymnless, kids with no religion
Yeah, we keep on sinning, yeah, we keep on singing
Flying down the highway, backseat of the Hyundai
Pull it to the front, let it run, we don't valet

Kesha captures the perfect mix of carefree and contemplative in "Hymn", a song simultaneously purposeful and purposeless.
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"(Not) The One," Bebe Rexha

I know I should leave, but when you are next to me, half asleep
Your skin on my skin, can't help the way I feel, ooh
But you cannot know, there's no place I'd rather be, honestly
When I hold you close to me

Because sometimes relationships just aren't the forever kind, and that's OK.
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"Such A Boy," Astrid S

Say you need more space
What are you, an astronaut?
You've got the whole universe
So what you coming 'round here for?

This song captures the frustrating back-and-forth of a pseudo-relationship and the inability to escape from its unproductive cycle.
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"Don't Wanna Think," Julia Michaels

I thought that we were good enough
I thought that you needed love
I know that when I wake up
There's gonna be seven texts and three calls to you
And I'm not gonna know what to do
I will make up some excuse about
How that was meant for someone else
When the truth is I'm not over you

Michaels is pop's reigning poetic goddess, and these lyrics capture the painful, raw flurry of emotions that inevitably follow the demise of a romantic relationship.
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"Wraith," TYSM

About to bloom like it's April
Hold me down like a capo

The idea of rhyming "capo," a tool that clamps down on guitar strings to change tune, and "April" is truly genius.
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"Forgetting All About You," Phoebe Ryan ft. blackbear

Every single night, I'm making plans with my stupid friends
I drink 'til I'm sick, throw up in the club
It's super fun forgetting all about you

Ryan's sarcastic, upbeat breakup anthem is a helpful reminder that sometimes things suck, but everyone's been there.
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"Tomorrow Never Came," Lana Del Rey ft. Sean Lennon

'Cause I adored you
And I just wanted things to be the same
You said you'd meet me up there tomorrow
But tomorrow never came

This hypnotic track is a collab with Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon & Yoko Ono. The lyrics detail the disintegration of love and the breaking of promises that go along with it.
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"Heartbreak Diet," Sälen

I am done with sticky people (sticky people)
That are too hard to pick out of my teeth
Don't call me
I'm on my heartbreak diet
Love isn't good for you
I think I'll burn it

Don't be deceived by the lead singer's sweet soprano voice. Like Lily Allen, bracingly clever lyrics are paired with a saccharine voice — and the results are perfect.
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"I Love You So Much," DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper

You're my son, you're a mogul
You're an icon, you're a legend
You're the greatest, I love you, I love you so much

Does this song display lyrical acrobatics? No. But this exuberant song about DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper's love for their kids has made us cry more than once.
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"Call It Dreaming," Iron & Wine

Where the sun isn't only sinking fast
Every night knows how long it's supposed to last
Where the time of our lives is all we have
And we get a chance to say
Before we ease away
For all the love you've left behind
You can have mine

Leave it to the bearded mountain man to write the most beautiful, profound song of the year.
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"While You Wait for the Others," Grizzly Bear

While you wait on the answers
That I'll pretend to find
Keeping up with the motions
Still occupies our time

The entire album details the disintegration of a relationship, but this stanza especially captures the slow pace of unhappiness.
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"If You Need To, Keep Time On Me," Fleet Foxes

How could it all fall in one day?
Were we too sure of the sun?
If you need to, keep time on me

Written as a response to the state of American politics, this Fleet Foxes offers a lyrical alternative to the phrase, "You can count on me."
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"Green Light," Lorde

'Cause honey I'll come get my things, but I can't let go

Simple, yes, but single line captures the pain of moving on from a break-up in a neat image.
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"Everything Now" by Arcade Fire

Every inch of sky's got a star
Every inch of skin's got a scar
I guess that you've got everything now
Every inch of space in your head
Is filled up with the things that you read
I guess you've got everything now
And every film that you've ever seen
Fills the spaces up in your dreams

In this ridiculously catchy song with a cynical heart, Arcade Fire remarks that while we have everything at the tip of our fingers, we're prone to overlooking the important things.
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"Signal," Sylvan Esso

It's a signal in the noise
It's a bell in a mine
It's a black dog in a junkyard
Gonna chase you down in time
Chase you down in time
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"american dream," LCD Soundsystem

So you kiss and you clutch but you can't fight that feeling
That your one true love is just awaiting your big meeting
So you never even asked for names
You just look right through them as if you already came
It's a drug of the heart and you can't stop the shaking
'Cause the body wants what it's terrible at taking, oh
And you can't remember the meaning
But there's no going back against this California feeling

LCD Soundsystem vs. carnal attempts at intimacy.
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"Want You Back" by Haim

Some things are long forgotten
Some things were never said
We were on one endless road
But I had a wandering heart

We'd take them back just by virtue of how amazing this pop song is.
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"Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles

"You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain't really good"

We'll forgive him for the falsetto, because the song is pretty great.
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"Glow" by Drake

“Watch out for me/I’m about to glow”

It's impossible to narrow down the best lyric off of Drake's 2017 album "More Life," but this one comes pretty close.
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"Biking" by Frank Ocean, feat. Tyler, The Creator and Jay-Z

Gave you what you could handle
I got the grip like the handle
And I'm bikin'
I'm bikin' with me and my Daniel
Hades got the angels
TV's got the angles
I'm brakin'

Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Jay-Z bring a different twist to the theme of cycles (and bicycling) in this interwoven song.
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Courtesy of Ba Da Bing
"I Live Now As a Singer," Julie Byrne

And I have dragged my life across the country
And wondered if travel led me anywhere
There's a passion in me, just does not long for those things
Tell me how'd it feel for you to be in love

The nod beneath the universe you walk with me
Said I'd be ever in the air of your honesty

This folky singer-songwriter's recent album Not Even Happiness is spun from poetry.
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"Pure Comedy," Father John Misty

The comedy of man starts like this

Our brains are way too big for our mothers' hips

And so Nature, she divines this alternative

We emerged half-formed and hope that whoever greets us on the other end

Is kind enough to fill us in

And, babies, that's pretty much how it's been ever since

FJM’s latest cynical single pokes fun at the theater of mankind, which he distills down to comedy. As always, it’s unclear how much of this is the opinion of Father John Misty the character, or Josh Tillman's, the real identity of the singer.
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"That's What's Up,” Alicia Keys

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me my testimony
I'm so blessed, I'm so blessed
Stow your blessings upon me
And it feels so good, it feels so good
So good to be free
Oh, keep your presence
Keep your presence on me

Keys released this song about faith and gratitude, which samples Kanye West’s "Low Lights," on her 35th birthday.
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“Moving on and Getting Over,” John Mayer

Tell me I can have the fact you’ve loved me to hold onto
Tell me I can keep the door cracked open, to let light through

The singer-songwriter gets vulnerable on this melancholy track from his new EP, The Search for Everything: Wave One.
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"Shape Of You," Ed Sheeran

I'm in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too

This is Sheerhan's tender, poetic way of saying "I like your hot bod."
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"High For Hours," J. Cole

Here's a thought for my revolutionary heart
Take a deeper look at history, it's there to pick apart
See, the people at the top, they get to do just what they want
'Til after a while the people at the bottom finally get smart
Then they start to holla "Revolution!"

Cole released his soulful, incisive new song about racial oppression and revolution in America on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
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"(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano," Sampha

No one knows me like the piano in my mother's home
You would show me I have something, some people call a soul
And you drop-topped the sky, oh you arrived when I was three years old
No one knows me like the piano in my mother's home

The Brit's beautiful meditation on his mother's death and the healing power of music will make you tear up.
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"Say Something Loving," The xx

Say something loving
I just don't remember the thrill of affection
I just don't remember
Say something loving
I need a reminder, the feeling's escaped me

The xx returns to peak lyrical form on I See You, like in this bittersweet track about feeling nostalgic for closeness.
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"Black Magic," Yung Mavu

My wizards lit, y'all don't even know
When I'm with your girl I steal the show
Glass on my face, you're a disgrace
A Dementor try to suck up my face

The first viral hit of 2017 is creative and ingenious, thanks largely to its perfect Harry Potter references.
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