Here's The Most Popular Holiday Gift In Your State

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
Do you ever wonder how your holiday gifts compare to the rest of the country? (Like, do people really give each other socks with cats on them every season, or is it just your family?)
Wonder no more, because Treetopia — purveyor of unicorn-colored holiday trees — has analyzed Google search result data in each U.S. state over the past five years to see which gifts people are looking for.
Unsurprisingly, tech gifts top the list. The iPhone is queen, ranking as the number-one searched gift 30 times over five years. It's also the most popular gift for 2016 in 11 states, including Texas, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.
Other popular choices? "Of the month" clubs — which proves that experiences really do win out over stuff when it comes to presents these days — and subscription boxes, which range from beauty picks like Birchbox and Cocotique to food-prep kits like Hello Fresh and Plated. But "of the month" wins overall: While these clubs had 11 total number-one searches over the past five years, subscription boxes have had three total.
There were a few notable regional differences. Although gift-givers all over the country searched for iPhones in 2016, only two states had "laptop" as their top Google query: Virginia and Maryland, which we're guessing has to do in part with the many office workers in the D.C. metro area. And it's hardly surprising that the Western states of California and Arizona have a high search volume for skateboards. The most bookish states are in New England: Books topped the list in Maine and Vermont. The most unique top query belongs to New Jersey, which is big on NFL jerseys.
You can see the results for each state from 2012 to 2016 in Treetopia's Imgur album, and check out the graphic below.

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