Joe Keery Says What We're All Thinking: Steve & Hopper Need To Team Up On Stranger Things

Fans of Netflix's Stranger Things have seen some pretty bizarre stuff: demogorgons, demodogs, a Mind Flayer, and waaay too many slugs. All of those are weird, but perhaps the strangest thing about the show is actually something we haven't seen: Can anyone offer a reasonable explanation why Steve Harrington and Jim Hopper haven't shared more screen time?
We didn't think so.
Of course, just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't – at least not if actor Joe Keery has anything to say about it. During a recent interview with MTV News, Keery shared why he'd love to see Hawkins' baddest babysitter (with the greatest hair) team up with the town's baddest cop (with the best dad bod).
"I'd love to have scenes with Hopper," he said. "I just think David's so sick and such a great actor, and I think that'd be kind of funny."
If their online social interactions — and their highly contentious love triangle — are any indication, the two actors playing off each other on camera would be totally comical. In terms of actual storyline and character development, Steve could learn a lot from Hopper, who's spent many years trying to get his own life back on track following the death of his daughter.
"Steve thinks he has it all figured out, and I don't think he thinks of himself as dumb, but he's definitely not the fastest guy," he said. "In a pinch, he can kind of work his way out of situations. With Hopper, they could lend to each other in that way, and some funny stuff could happen. It could be like a buddy-cop movie or something."
Please, Smoke Monster gods, make this Upside Down dream come true. Steve's finishing up his high school tenure and will need to start thinking about his future. He could become Hopper's protégé, which, let's be real, just means he'll do all of the undesirable tasks, like watching after a group of hormonal teenagers. As MTV News points out, he's already won over the trust of Dustin and his crew, so it's not like Hopper would have to spend any time instructing him.
Unless, of course, he doesn't know how to use a toaster for Eleven's Eggos.

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