David Harbour Wants To Reassure You That He Still Has A Dad Bod

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David Harbour wants fans to know that, don't worry, he still has a "dad bod." The actor, who is fairly active on Twitter, retweeted a fan Tuesday night who seemed worried that Hellboy would rob us of the burly Chief Hopper we know and love.
@yupitsmeLanieD took a screenshot of an article that's been circulating about Harbour's Hellboy transformation, writing, "Nah! Dad-bod is waaayyy BETTER."
Harbour, 42, was cast in the franchise as the titular character after receiving acclaim for his role in Stranger Things. It's a superhero film, so many expected Harbour to go the route of Chris Pratt — he would bulk up, post a gym selfie, and his longtime fans would hardly recognize him. The character of Hellboy is typically depicted as a ripped monster, à la The Hulk. A promo photo of Harbour in character also made the internet rounds, and he looked significantly different from the way he looked on Stranger Things.
"You know, I get to do some some action stuff on Stranger Things, but it's a very different role than something I've played [before]," Harbour said in a YouTube video about his training regimen. "Hellboy is a big, demon monster but he really knows how to fight. But I did want to develop mainly power and strength so when I'm doing these movements and doing this role, then you believe it."
Celebrity trainer Don Saladino shared a throwback photo of himself with Harbour in the gym in early November, adding the caption, "Fortunately, we switched David from post workout cigarettes to post workout protein shakes." (Harbour is smoking a cigarette in the photo.)
However, Harbour said in an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan that he actually lost too much weight for the role, and was instructed to re-gain the weight so that he would fit into his costume.
"So the thing is, I thought, here we go, I get to do a superhero movie. I'm going to do that Chris Pratt thing where you buff out and take selfies in front of the mirror and stuff," he explained. "The producers are now like, if you lose weight, you're not gonna fit in the suit....So, I have producers calling call me like, 'More milkshakes.'"
This is all to say, David Harbour is going to look just as grizzled in season 3 of Stranger Things as he did in seasons 2 and 1. Harbour retweeted the concerned fan, adding some reassurance that nothing would change.
Writes Harbour, "I know I shouldn’t give away season three spoilers but fret not good hopper fans - YOU SHALL HAVE YOUR DAD BOD FOR SEASON 3!"
Okay, so, follow-up question: When will we get season 3? Of course, Harbour probably doesn't know — the Duffer brothers said weeks ago that he was far too chatty and that they no longer shared important information with the actor.
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