David Harbour Reveals There Was An On-Set Love Triangle On Stranger Things 2

Photo: Robby Klein/Getty Images.
Finally, the gossip we deserve: In a new interview, David Harbour, revealed that there was an on-set love triangle during the filming of Stranger Things 2. Yup, and it was between Harbour, his co-star Joe Keery, and a now-internet famous pomeranian.
"There’s a Pomeranian dog on our set that is one of the makeup girls’ dogs, and I fell madly in love with this dog and put a picture on Instagram," Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, told Mashable. "Joe would text me pictures of him and the dog in the makeup trailer, and I would get so jealous and mad and rageful."
He continued, "So I do feel like there’s some kind of love triangle to be mined there with the two of us and the Pomeranian."
As of now, Keery is winning this love triangle. A photo of Keery with the pomeranian circulated last week after actor Finn Wolfhard shared it on his Instagram story. In the photo, Keery cradles the dog (which is still unnamed) as well as a glass of sparkling wine. The pic quickly became a meme. At the time, there was speculation that the dog even belonged to Keery (sorry, David). Luckily, the true facts finally emerged. Representation for Keery told Refinery29 that the dog belonged to a crew member, and now, thanks to Harbour, we know that it belonged to a makeup artist. (Once again, Refinery29's Kathryn Lindsay needs a minute.)
Harbour has also posted photos of himself with the dog. Alas, his photos have not gone viral.
In his post, Harbour jokes that Joyce has been recast — the dog will be taking over for Winona Ryder. It's a funny one, sir, but not nearly as meme-able as Joe Keery holding a dog and a glass of Champagne. (Refinery29 does not know the contents of Keery's glass, but one hopes it's Champagne.)
On the show, Harbour and Keery don't really get to interact. But, as Mashable points out, the actors have a healthy relationship on social media.
"I would love to play more stuff with Joe, we’ll have to see," Harbour said. "There’s just so many great characters on this show, it’s hard to figure out a way to put Steve and Hopper together, but I’m sure the Duffers will figure it out, because I do love Joe, I love working with him."
Here's hoping they do work together — and that their love triangle doesn't cause any more strife on set.
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