That Dog Joe Keery Is Holding Is Not His — & I NEED A Minute

Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat/Finn Wolfhard.
Once again, I need a minute. This morning I logged onto Twitter and was greeted with the most beautiful sight: Stranger Things actor Joe Keery holding a fluffy pomeranian. Well, it's more than that. It's a trifecta of dog, drink, and facial expression that quickly rocketed the snap, taken by co-star Finn Wolfhard, into the only meme I need for the rest of 2017. Can you think of a more perfect dog for Joe Keery to own? They practically have the same haircut. If I can't have Joe Keery as my boyfriend, at least I can have this. Except I can't, because that's not his dog.
Like any good journalist, I reached out to Joe's team to get the deets on this canine companion, who you may have seen before over on Instagram, and his manager (Joe's, not the dog's) kindly let me know that no, that's not Joe's dog. The dog belongs to a crew member, which is why we only see him when the actor is on set.
But that shouldn't stop you from meme-ing that photo all the way to the Upside Down, because it's the perfect image for so many circumstances.
When you're absolutely at the end of your rope? Check.
"coming into work on a friday like"
When you treat yourself despite not doing anything to deserve it? Check.
"Me after accomplishing one thing on my to-do list"
You, at literally any moment ever? Check, check, check.
"how i’m tryna be"
But, let's be honest, it's all about the dog.
"Yes but like I wanna be the dog" a fan replied.
Joe's dog or not, this is still a truly blessed image, and I will continue to return to it for strength and guidance. And, of course, when I really need a meme.

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