A Guide To Watching All The Sex On The Crown Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Crown, Season 2.
There's a rumor going around that The Crown is not a sexy show. This is, obviously, egregiously false, and I'm here to set the record straight. Remember that naked butt shot of Prince Philip (Matt Smith) from the pilot episode? Or that blow job scene from episode 7?
Okay, okay — I will acknowledge that most of the sex on the show is implied, not shown. But that's because we're dealing with real people here! And not just people — royals! And say what you want, but Prince Philip telling his wife, the Queen (Claire Foy), to "get on your knees," goes beyond subtle innuendo.
But even if you thought season 1 didn't go far enough in showing the intimate moments between royals, I've got great news. Season 2 brings us some new titillating moments, and at least one fantastic sex scene. After all, the queen has four children, and gets pregnant twice in this season alone, so...just sayin'.
Because there are 10 hour-long episodes, and I know you lead busy lives and can't be expected to drop everything and binge through an entire show just to enjoy one brief fleeting moment of lust, I have provided a blueprint to help you access the sex on The Crown as quickly as possible. Please enjoy responsibly.
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