Zendaya Just Proved That She's The Best Friend Of Our Dreams

A good friend is someone with whom you share a mutual understanding, built on a solid foundation of honesty, empathy, loyalty, and trust. But a true friend is someone who will stop you mid-sentence to tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth, sparing you the moment of mortification later on when you look in the mirror and wonder why nobody had the heart to tell you. Zendaya is that friend.
During a recent press junket promoting her upcoming movie, The Greatest Showman, alongside her co-star (and on-screen love interest) Zac Efron, the actress interrupted an interview to leap out of her seat and fix the reporter's hair on camera. "Hold on, really quick, I don't want to be weird. This is gonna bother me," she said, patting the offending wayward strand back into place. "You had one piece of hair that was just sticking up. I was like, 'He's gonna be mad about it when he sees it later.' I got you."
Sadly, this tale of kindness and generosity does not have a happy ending: As quickly as the man's hair goes down, it pops right back up again, and Zendaya leaves it be this time around for the remainder of the interview. "That hair is possessed," one YouTube commenter wrote. "It needs praying, fasting, and holy water."
But when a hair exorcism is simply not an option, Zendaya's beauty expertise is the next best thing. After all, fixing a complete stranger's hair to save him the embarrassment of feeling bad about it later — or at least trying to — is an altruistic gesture worth canonizing. There aren't many celebrities who would go out of their way do that... or regular people, for that matter. She's practically a saint.
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