Kristen Bell Just Gave Us A New Reason To Love Musical Theater

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Ask a musical theater fan why they love the art form and they'll ask you how much time you have. That's because there are countless reasons, from the brilliant scores and dance numbers, to the bold costuming and talented actors. But for upcoming award show host and impressive roller skater Kristen Bell, the answer is a bit more personal.
The Frozen actress revealed in an interview with Us Weekly on Tuesday that her time performing in musicals was more than just a hobby for her; it was the gateway to a life filled with ingenuity and box office successes.
"Musical theater is where I guess [I] found out what my passion was," she told the outlet. "It's where I started to feel those lightning bolts of creativity, not just being on stage, but the rehearsing and the idea of performing something for people that would make them happy…it's what sort of made me want to be an actor."
Throughout her career, Bell has stunned fans with her versatility, starring in dramas like House of Lies and Heroes, and comedies like The Good Place and A Bad Moms Christmas. She's also wowed us with her singing voice. Ask anyone of any age if they've heard, "Do You Want To Build A Snowman," and the answer will be a resounding, "Yes." (Though maybe not this version.)
So it's especially exciting to learn that Bell will showcase all of her talents in an upcoming live musical event titled Encore, which, according to Us, is all about a group of adults who set out to recreate a musical they performed together in high school.
Bell, who Us reports is both starring in and producing the show, said that the project is especially exciting for her since "musical theater was the focal point of all [my] emotions" as she was finding herself.
"I'm looking forward to people seeing this group reminisce with each other and talk about who they were in high school versus who they are today because that stuff is incredibly relatable," she said. "You become 100 times more human and appealing when you get vulnerable about who you were in high school, and that's exactly what this show is."
Somehow, we find it hard to believe that Bell was anything less than the epitome of cool – even in her teen years.

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