The One Thing You're Missing About This Boy's Viral Makeup Tutorial

Girls just wanna have fun. Heck, boys just wanna have fun, too. And what's more fun than playing around with bright, sparkly makeup? Answer: not a whole lot — especially if you're a kid. For 5-year-olds, an Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism eyeshadow palette is essentially a more fun version of watercolor paints, only better because you get to spread it all over your face.
But as we all grow up and become more self-aware (and unfortunately sometimes more self-conscious), makeup becomes less about playing around in front of the mirror and more about analyzing how our lipstick looks on Instagram. But this viral video of one smiley 5-year-old boy applying his makeup is bringing us back to makeup 101 — reminding us that above all else, it's supposed to be fun.
YouTuber and beauty influencer Laura Sharp recently shared a video of her son Sebastian doing his makeup to her Instagram page. It's not your average or perfectly precise makeup tutorial that we're used to, but that doesn't mean it wasn't adorable. (Don't believe us? Watch it for yourself below.) Grinning from ear-to-ear the whole time, the clip has since gained more than 50,000 views to date.
In the caption, Sharp wrote that Sebastian had been nagging all morning to let him star in his own beauty video. So she let him pick his favorite products and play. She wrote, "I'm bloody proud of him for every little single thing he's achieved in the past 5 little years of his life, so why wouldn't I show him off!! He picked all of his products as well!"
Whether he's an eager makeup artist in training or just a kid having fun with makeup, it's safe to say Sebastian just made our day.
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