Don't Tell The Queen, But Meghan Markle Totally Failed This British Test

Photo: Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic.
After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is planning to become a U.K. citizen — but it looks like she might need to brush up on her knowledge about England first.
Markle answers questions about England in a 2016 video from the British show Dave that's been making the rounds online this week, thanks to the engagement news. The video would have been filmed when Markle was promoting Suits' sixth season — and around the time she started dating Prince Harry.
The quiz includes questions about England's national animal — for the record, it's the lion — and whether "Happy Bottom" and "Sandy Balls" are real places. (They both are, and so is "Crotch Crescent." We're just as surprised as Markle was at that revelation!)
Oh, and Scotland's national animal is the unicorn — yes, really. (Markle didn't know that one, either.)
Markle also did her best to translate British slang terms into American English — the U.K.'s phrases are a lot different from those in the States. Apparently, "apples and pears" is another term for stairs in "Cockney rhyming slang" — who knew?
Check out the hilarious quiz — which Markle admits she probably failed — below.
Luckily, Markle has Prince Harry to teach her everything she needs to know about U.K. culture before she takes the citizenship test. And, if you're curious, People notes that the royal family says it's "too early to say" if Markle will keep her U.S. citizenship if she becomes a U.K. citizen. Still, we doubt she'll ever forget that America's national animal is the bald eagle.
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