These Tarot-Inspired Shadows Will Make Your Eyes (& Aura) Sparkle

It started with a few smudge stick sprays and gem-infused body oils and has grown into a massive beauty category that even the most skeptical can rally behind. That's right, tons of witch-, tarot-, and crystal-inspired beauty products exploded onto the market this year — and they do way more than just cleanse or hydrate your skin. Instead, these mystical beauty products also seek to refresh your soul and renew your aura.
The latest brand inspired by the ancient and unseen wants to take it a step further with a collection of tarot-inspired eyeshadow palettes. Indie cosmetics brand Luminess Air is bringing tarot to your vanity by pairing eyeshadow pigments with good fortune. Tarot, as you might know, is a storied practice of spiritual guidance using a 78-card deck. It has many varieties of practice — it's said to date back to the 16th century, after all — but the standard, 78-card deck has found itself rising to popularity in recent years in new ways.
Each of Luminess' four new eyeshadow palettes is inspired by one of the 22 most important cards, which are called major arcana. “Major arcana cards represent situations we all face in life, carrying guidance and perspective to help you navigate them," the brand explains. (Unlike the other 56 cards, which focus mainly on day-to-day things.)
As you might expect, each palette is as exciting as the card it represents: Bold, vivid shades that are smooth, extremely blendable, and incredibly pigmented. Which means that no matter how into tarot you are, it's easy to let these four palettes guide you through the end of 2017 and into the next year with an enlightened perspective and rad new eye makeup.
Picking one, however, is not as easy. Everything you need to know about each, ahead.

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