The Cast Of The West Wing Are Just Not That Into Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The cast of West Wing was not amused by Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet likening herself to the fictional press secretary, C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney).
The current White House press secretary shared two photos on Twitter leading up to the pardoning of the White House turkey, as is traditional at Thanksgiving. "We had a surprise visitor in my office today and got to live a real life version of an episode of the West Wing," tweeted Sanders referring to an episode from the second season of the long-running, political drama where Cregg is put in charge of organizing the ceremony. An instance of life imitating art? Not if the cast of West Wing had anything to say about it.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders / Twitter.
The cast did not appreciate Sanders comparing herself to fictional press secretary Cregg. Sanders' has developed a reputation for being short-fused and combative with reporters since taking over the position after Anthony Scaramucci which has lead to her being parodied by Saturday Night Live on multiple occasions. Bradley Whitford, who played White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, responded, "I know C.J. Cregg. C.J. Cregg is a friend of mine. You're no C.J. Cregg."
Bradley Whitford / Twitter.
Seemingly in character and without missing a beat, Allison Janney chimes in tweeting, "Thanks for having my back, Josh, love C.J." Both their tweets were flooded with comments and gifs from the show in the comments.
Allison Janney / Twitter.
Fans of the show were living for the exchange between the real and fictional administrations. C.J. Cregg and the rest of the aspirational Bartlet administration, though fictional, left some pretty big shoes to fill.
Sanders catch a break this Thanksgiving. After her West Wing smack down, the internet instigated "Pie Gate," accusing her of not baking her own pecan pie and instead posting a stock image. This would never happen to C.J. Cregg.
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