Why This Is Us Could Be Breaking Up Kate & Toby

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Tuesday's episode of This Is Us, "Number Two" will test Kate and Toby's relationship, according to producer Issac Aptaker's interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Chrissy Metz's Kate was absent from last week's Kevin-centric episode "Number One," but it still featured a heartbreaking moment for the Pearson daughter. Brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown) informed her twin Kevin (Justin Hartley) that Kate had lost the baby, something that she had been extremely fearful of since she discovered she was pregnant. Now, Kate is taking out some of her grief on her soon-to-be husband Toby (Chris Sullivan), who encouraged Kate to be hopeful.
"[Kate] was being as protective as possible in terms of getting invested in this pregnancy," Issac Aptaker told EW. "And Toby was the one who broke her open and said, 'No, this is exciting. We have to believe in this, and we have to get psyched about it.' So, for now, to have to go the other way, there’s certainly a lot of resentment she’s probably going to be feeling toward Toby, about 'How could you do this? How could you get me excited and now it’s gone?'"
Kate and Toby have certainly had difficulties in their whirlwind romance. After getting engaged in season 1, the two decided to hold off on marriage until they were really ready. That partially had to do with Kate's reluctance at telling Toby exactly what happened to her father Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), who died when she was a teenager.
Yet they've also been able to overcome all of their previous difficulties — which may mean that Toby and Kate really are in it for the long haul. Back in August, Metz told People that the couple is still learning how to work through things together.
"There's going to be an adjustment period," the This Is Us star told the outlet. "It's great to see the imperfections and how they work through the relationship together, because if you're going to love somebody, you have to have compassion and learn a lot of patience."
Tuesday's episode may test this relationship, but as it stands now, this is one romance too strong to break.

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