Add This Sex And The City Merch To Your Holiday List

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Just in time for the holiday season, the duo behind fashion’s favorite Instagram account is dropping new merch. On Friday, @everyoutfitonsatc announced its latest additions, captioning a photo of a necklace that read “basic,” writing “YES BITCH, our new merch is here. Get a jump on holiday shopping and find the perfect Xmas gift for your BFF, your shitty ex, your basic niece, that annoying friend who works in fashion, and even a fucking BABY.”
In between wryly dissecting outfits worn on Sex and the City, Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless let their followers decide their latest t-shirt design between an “I Can’t Help But Wonder” written in a nameplate script or one with an emblem of Carrie Bradshaw and co’s favorite drink, a Cosmopolitan. “It was really close,” Fairless tells Refinery29. “The nameplate script design got 44% and the Cosmo emblem got 56%. So we made the winning design into a t-shirt and the runner-up into a tote bag.” Garroni added: “We had too many people DM’ing us after the poll closed begging us to do the nameplate version, it was too good to let go. For those who are indecisive, like us, we’re offering a gift set with the tote, shirt, and pins with each graphic.”
In addition to the gift set, Fairless and Garroni are venturing beyond the heavily-branded Sex and the City items including a mug and a t-shirt that reads “Trump” and under it “Live Through This.” According to Fairless, “the story of the year is clearly the unprecedented daily occurrences of the Trump administration. At times it feels miraculous that we’ve lived through this year,” she explains. “Both Chelsea and I have an undying love for Hole’s seminal album of the same name. So we decided to combine our psychic trauma and adolescent band crush into something we thought others would enjoy.”
Speaking of a traumatic event, the two also introduce a t-shirt and tote that poke fun of Carrie’s boyfriend Jack Berger breaking up with her over that now iconic Post-It note. “We chose the post-it because it’s iconic,” Garroni explains. “While it’s a deep-cut reference to the show, as Berger is a very forgettable boyfriend, those who know remember that moment so viscerally. Also it seemed exciting to elevate something as mundane as a post-it.” Fairless added: “If only Trump would resign via a post-it note on the front door of the White House. Although I think a "I'm Sorry. I Can't. Don't Hate Me" tweet is more his style.”
As for what’s to come, Fairless and Garroni tell Refinery29 to expect more of #WokeCharlotte. In the meantime, click ahead to shop their new offering.

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