This Woman Instagrammed Her Way Around The World — & Got Paid $30,000 For It

Flexing those hard-earned Instagram skills can pay off, especially if those snapshots catch the discerning eye of home-sharing companies.
Sorelle Amore submitted her credentials to one of those viral job postings that promise big bucks to travel the world and snap photos for social media. But instead of just forgetting about it, Amore actually won the contest. Insider reports that she earned $10,000 per month and stayed in five-star accommodations while jetting around the globe. It was literally the best job on the planet, as evidenced by the hashtag she used throughout the endeavor.
Amore beat out 17,000 other candidates for the position, which was with Third Home, a super-luxe version of Airbnb that allows travelers to access homes that normally cost millions of dollars. The job listing stated that the winner would get to stay in "Scotland, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Croatia" with the stipulation that they vlog and post images to their various social media channels. Amore's established YouTube channel and over 100,000 followers on Instagram probably helped her case.
Her journey started in Scotland, where she stayed in a castle an hour away from Edinburgh. From there, she headed to London before tacking more tropical climes in Punta Cana and the Bahamas. Her photos certainly are breathtaking, but that could have something to do with the amazing destinations as much as it does with her skills behind the camera.
Amore traveled solo, but she'd had experience in that department, too, so it wasn't an issue experiencing some of the most beautiful places in the world all alone.
"My travels reminded me that humans all around the world are the same, they just want love, connection, and respect," she told Business Insider. "In today's world there's so much fear it's B.S. Seeing how caring the world is reminded me that actually we're okay."
Her boyfriend did join her in Bali, however. She explained that her solo adventure only strengthened their relationship and she plans to do more traveling without him in the future. Throughout the experience, she managed to save $30,000 of her earnings from Third Home. Like any good traveler, she plans on using that cash to add a few more stamps to her passport, with Egypt and Iceland on her itinerary. While those won't be paid for, they'll certainly add to her travel résumé in the case she wants to apply for any of the other best jobs in the world.
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