People Think Kylie Jenner Might Already Be Engaged

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Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian still haven't confirmed (or denied) the reports that they're both pregnant, though that hasn't stopped fans from speculating wildly about the rumors. Lately, though, there's another rumor about Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott — fans think the couple might already be engaged.
Jenner's been spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand, and fans don't think it's a coincidence. The diamond-encrusted pink butterfly ring covers multiple fingers on that hand, including her ring finger; she's been seen wearing it in several of her Snapchat videos and Instagram posts. And fans think the butterfly is a nod to Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott, since the couple has matching butterfly tattoos. (Many believe the couple got inked together shortly after finding out the alleged pregnancy news.) Still, Jenner hasn't actually said that the ring was a gift from Scott.
This weekend, Jenner reignited the engagement rumors when she wore a different diamond ring to Kim Kardashian West's baby shower. She shared a clip of herself en route to the shower on Snapchat, but all anyone wants to talk about is the sparkler on her left ring finger, which she casually shows off in the clip. This ring is smaller than the butterfly ring, and it's only on her ring finger — and while Jenner didn't provide context, it certainly does look like an engagement ring.

Kylie driving to Kim’s baby shower?? 11/11/17

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Meanwhile, when Jenner debuted the butterfly ring earlier this month, fans speculated about whether she might be revealing the sex of her reported baby. She sported a pink manicure with the pink ring — which some fans think means she's having a baby girl. (Or, she just really likes pink.)

? shoot day

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Whether or not Jenner intended for her jewelry choices to provide clues about her relationship, she's probably having fun toying with fans.
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