When Her Wife Couldn't Come Home After A Family Tragedy, This Airline Stepped In

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Forced to live apart due to family medical emergencies, British Airways reunited a couple in the most heartwarming video. Trust me, you will full on ugly cry before the video is over.
Lisa Harris and Hayley Angell were living in England when Angell had to fly home to Australia to care for her dying father. After he passed, she stayed to care for her mother who was home-bound with muscular dystrophy. Harris and Angell had been apart since February. "We said goodbye to each other on Valentine's Day," Harris explained. Angell would have loved to fly back with her mother to visit; however, her medical condition would have required that they fly business class which for them was unaffordable.
Missing her wife, Harris wrote to British Airways. Their response was nothing short of miraculous. The airline arranged to fly both Angell and her mother back to England to visit. They even made special arrangements for Angell's mother Debra so she would feel her best on the flight.
Are you crying yet? It gets better. The whole plan was a surprise. Angell was at a work conference when a video of her wife comes up on the screen telling her the plan. The best part? It's all on video. "I know how difficult it was when you had to up and leave back in February, and I know how much you miss the U.K., and me, and mainly the dog," Harris jokes as she announces the surprise.
British Airways / YouTube.
The couple being reunited is a tearjerker for sure. British Airways wanting to get involved in reuniting them is truly beautiful. "The magic of being able to be reunited with my wife is totally unexpected," said Angell. "The magic of being able to take my mum on the holiday that I've been promising her we would go on ever since we lost my dad." This isn't the first time that British Airways has proven themselves as the airline with a lot of heart. Earlier this year, they teamed up with Comic Relief to create a humorous flight-safety video starring Sir Ian McKellen, Gordon Ramsay, Gillian Anderson, and Chiwetel Ejiofor to collect spare change and in-flight donations for its global charity, Flying Start.

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