How One Airline Wants To Cure Your Fear Of Flying

Photo: ANL/REX Shutterstock.
Whether you've got a full-on flying phobia or you just dread long security lines, it's not hard to find reasons to hate air travel. But, one airline wants to help you out — with a little mindfulness training. This week, British Airways introduced a new program with the help of Mark Coleman, founder of The Mindfulness Institute in California. The "Mindfulness for Travel" series includes a few videos with Mark offering in-flight guided meditation, tips to help you keep your cool throughout the traveling experience, as well as head and neck stretches you can do from the comfort of your seat. The program was launched to coincide with British Airways' fancy new Airbus A380, which now flies directly between London and the particularly mindful city of San Francisco. The key to mindfulness is learning to accept whatever's happening in the current moment. So, if you're worrying about catching a cab, getting stopped by the metal detector a thousand times, or resigning yourself to a sad-looking, prepackaged salad, simply recognizing that it's a moment you're passing through can make it less stressful. And, it'll be all the more rewarding when you finally get to take that first sip of your in-flight beverage. Of course, if you aren't flying with BA, there are still ways to make relaxation a priority when you're stuck 35,000 feet in the air. For instance, you could pack your phone with these stress-relief apps, many of which include a mindfulness-meditation component. And, it might be especially helpful to find a little extra in-flight relaxation now that others are getting worried about all the horrible things those cramped seats may be doing to our health. We'll just be over here, taking a few deep breaths and stretching out our legs while we can.

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