Rose McGowan Took A Break From Fighting The Patriarchy To Create A Skin-Care Line

It's not completely unusual for the average person to scoff at the idea of squeezing a serum into their daily skin-care routines. (That'll cost you one very valuable extra minute.) And yet Rose McGowan, 2017's uncontested Champion of Women, has managed to find time between public speaking engagements on sexual assault, calling out predatory behavior from high-profile men in Hollywood, penning a no-holds-barred memoir, and otherwise managing her career of actor, director, and fearless leader of the self-assigned #RoseArmy, to create a skin-care line.
Simply named The Only Skincare, McGowan first formulated an anti-aging face lotion and cleanser years ago with her aunt Rory, who happened to be in the beauty industry. Only recently has the star announced an all-new collection, quietly hinting in April that the range would be "debuting soon!!!" Now, we've officially learned that the products are dropping before February 2018. No word on whether the line will also be getting a new name.

skincare line is debuting soon!!! Stay tuned. For now enjoy some face masks xx #charmed

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As for marketing the clear, glowing skin that's been front-and-center of big screen films for nearly two decades, the idea is genius. Even as a catty socialite in Jawbreaker or spell-binding sister in Charmed, McGowan has always put her best face forward, in such a way that I often found myself filing her under my "I'll have what she's having" category in terms of skin-care goals.
Time will only tell what, exactly, we can expect from the line (and we've reached out to the company for more information). But in the meantime, we're grateful for the fact that she's out there trying to make the world — and soon, our skin — just a little bit better.

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