The Internet Thinks This Stranger Things Star Is Harry Styles' Doppelganger

There are few musicians in the pop sphere bigger than Harry Styles, and few shows quite as beloved as Stranger Things, which just dropped its second season on Netflix. Now it seems that the internet has found the "Sign of the Times" singer within the sci-fi series.
Twitter is convinced that Styles looks just like Charlie Heaton, who plays high school loner Jonathan on the '80s-set show. Do you see the resemblance?
Honestly? Absolutely. Heaton, who will also star in X-Men film The New Mutants opposite Maisie Williams, definitely has the soulful gaze of the former One Direction member, and the flippy brown hair to match. They might not be identical (I mean, I think we would have noticed back in season 1 that Styles had a bonafide twin running around Hawkins), but they certainly look alike.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
The internet is pretty convinced, with one person stating that Heaton is actually a mix of Styles and Rainn Wilson's character from The Office.
"Okay but y'all can't tell me that Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things doesn't look like Harry Styles and Dwight Schrute had a love child," declared a fan on the social media platform.
Another fan declared it's actually American Horror Story's Evan Peters who is Heaton's other theoretical dad.
"if Harry Styles and Evan Peters had a baby it'd be Charlie Heaton."
Then there's the fan who is convinced that, if you mixed Heaton's looks with that of a particular Stranger Things co-star, the result would be the boybander.
"If you combined Joe Keery and Charlie Heaton you would get Harry Styles."
Another Stranger Things fan just used a very Styles-like GIF to prove their point.
"From the side profile, Charlie Heaton looks like Harry Styles." the resemblance enough to get Styles a guest role as Jonathan and Will's cousin in Stranger Things season 3? Let's hope the singer keeps some space open in his schedule for a cameo.

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