Cardi B Just Discovered A Brilliant New Way To Straighten Her Hair

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images.
My mother once told me that decades before flat irons were sold to the masses, she used to straighten her hair with a clothing iron. She begged my grandmother to flatten her curls against the ironing board in the hopes of being on-trend with the times — and the method worked. Luckily, if you're after a straight-haired look today, retailers everywhere sell hundreds of flat irons in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But according to Cardi B's latest Instagram post, that really doesn't matter in major hair emergencies.
The "Bodak Yellow" rapper posted to her social media account a video of her makeup artist taking a clothing iron to her hair. Why? To get those roots as "slick" as possible. Despite rocking a black-and-white wig for a Halloween performance earlier this week, it appears as though the 25-year-old was ready for a style a lot longer and smoother — something she's donned plenty of times before.
While we don't suggest anyone puts a hot iron to their head, we get the logic. The first version of the popular hot tool was literally two heated rods that looked a lot more like a pair of giant scissors. Eventually, by the '90s, almost everyone could get their hands on straightening irons at the local beauty store, no professional skills needed.
Luckily, Cardi B did not burn her head or her hair and, in fact, looked stunning after smoothing out her style. But can someone please inform our chart-topping queen that plenty of travel-friendly straighteners exist for whenever she finds herself in a pinch?
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