This Woman's Driver's License Photo Is SO Extra

The only thing worse than spending an entire Saturday in the Department of Motor Vehicles is leaving with a bad driver's license photo that looks like you did. No matter how many times we try, it takes a lot of work to make those serious, straight-on shots look good — unless you're Khloé Kardashian on last week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She brought in an entire crew and lighting ring for the most flattering results. (Imagine going to the DMV that day.)
And, it looks like one makeup artist in California is following in her footsteps — even without the help of a full production crew. Lilly Ghalichi, who uploaded her glam driver's license shot to Instagram this week, is making us want to book a makeup shoot ASAP. Her makeup was so good, not even the fluorescent lights could dull her shine. Just look at it.
But despite the fact that Ghalichi objectively took one of the best driver's license photos we've seen in a while, she was still substantially disappointed with how it turned out. Why? The cropped image left out the best part: her hair. She posted her response to all the praise with the caption, "I go through all the effort to change my last name and THIS ZOOMED IN PHOTO is what you give me State of CA?! Is the photo on your ID this zoomed in? You can't even see my full glam! My hair was everything that day! Photo Robbery!!!"
It just goes to prove that, once again, no one is ever really satisfied with their driver's license picture — no matter how hard they try.
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