Here Are The Best Netflix-Inspired Gifts, For Your Binge-Watching Pals

At this point, bingeing television shows on Netflix is like going to a really raucous party: It's going to take up the next 12 hours, and afterwards, you're going to have a lot of fun stories. Except these stories aren't about the time you clambered atop a pool table — you just needed to touch the fun chandelier! Really! — they're stories from the minds of television showrunners and screenwriters. So, slightly less fun to recount for your friends at brunch. (That being said, I will happily accept any and all retellings of the events of Baby Daddy on FreeForm.)
So, one must treat Netflix binges like they are parties. You can't go into a binge without the proper gear. You need a blanket, for starters, especially if you plan on eventually removing your pants. While we're at it, you'll need sweatpants as well. Snacks are a must, and, for those bad at tech, you might need a way to watch your Netflix show.
Ahead, find the best gifts for the Netflix lovers in your life. It's okay, you can also buy these gifts for yourself. May the holidays Netflix binge commence!
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