Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 7 Recap: "Beauty Queen"

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While every episode feels like a special occasion for the Kardashian-Jenners, this one's a biggie. Khloe’s serious boyfriend Tristan plans her a super special surprise birthday party (which sparks a little drama within the family). Then, Kim Kardashian-West’s baby is born...nope, not a real one – KKW Beauty!
Happy Birthday, Khloé!
Khloé starts the episode off with big news: she’s coming back to LA. At first, Kim is like, “You guys broke up?” but that’s thankfully not the case. Tristan is just really interested in becoming part of the family. Good for Khloé. She deserves to be in a steady, healthy relationship.
Since Tristan works out in Los Angeles, Khloé needs to find a place in the city for the two of them to live in. She’s working super hard to make sure Tristan feels just as comfy in her town as she felt in Cleveland. Khloé is getting super stressed about house-hunting so she turns to Kris for help. Just one thing: Kris is way too busy helping Tristan plan Khloé’s surprise birthday party.
Hopefully Khloé can take a break from worrying during her party. She and Tristan looked amazing walking out with all their bling on. Everyone is screaming and laughing and dancing. It’s a perfect night. Safe to say Tristan did an amazing job. Later in the party he says an adorable speech which ends with a kiss. But as soon as the party's over, it’s back to business. She and Tristan came to the conclusion that Khloé was stressing herself out for no reason. After all, she has an amazing home in Calabasas and all Tristan cares about is being with her. Might as well put the house to good use!
Kim Kardashian-West, Beauty Guru
Jonathan Cheban makes another appearance in tonight’s episode. Kim wants her best friend’s opinion on her brand new contour kits. She’s so excited and it’s pretty cute. There’s even a montage of her putting the brand together. KKW took a lot of time and energy and it’s safe to say she pulled it off. There’s always room for improvement, but Kim seems ready to put in the work.
Meanwhile, Kim is a little stressed about the Forbes Women’s Summit. She wants to be prepared. She’s also chosen this day to announce KKW Beauty. For her, the new venture is where she feels her entire career was leading. Kim's proud to own her own company and probably even prouder of its success.
The KKW promo photos showed Kim’s major contour, but also made people think she was using blackface. The color is definitely way darker than Kim’s actual skin. (If she wants a super bronzy look, she might want to consider hiring black models...that and expand the shade range.) But the internet let her know loud and clear what they felt went wrong and hopefully she’ll make changes for the next big launch.
Here’s one thing that Kim has learned in her years of fame: own up to it. She completely understands where everyone is coming from. Both she and Steph feel bad that it happened and the only thing to do next is apologize.
For the launch party, Kim redoes her entire home to look like a showroom. “Every room had to be an Instagrammable moment,” she says. On the day-of, everyone is still working super hard to perfect the home. Finally, it begins! Beauty YouTubers like PatrickStarrr and Kandee Johnson are there, obsessing over the new makeup. Everything is beautiful and neutral and the lighting is selfie-perfect. Nothing but the best for Kim!
Positive Vibes Only
Meanwhile, Kourtney is changing her outlook on life. The first step: reading a lot of Tony Robbins books. Second step: offer that advice to her friends. Malika, Khadijah, Khloé, and Kourt all chant, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationship.” Whatever works! She’s taking all this positivity and channeling it to her situation with Scott.
Scott comes over to Kourtney’s to hang out with her and Kim. It goes sour real fast. He’s hurt that he wasn’t invited to Khloé’s party and blames Kourtney. In explaining his side, he backs Kourt into a corner. First, he pulls the dead mom card, which is horrible and manipulative. Then he claims he just wanted to be there for Khloé. Caught off guard, Kourtney doesn’t really know what to say and it just ends poorly.
The next day, Khloé asks if Scott understands the new situation. There has to be a transition where if something doesn’t have to do with the kids, he won’t always be invited. Then, Khloé encourages Kourtney to lose all the positive crap and get real with Scott for once. She can’t bottle up the truth for much longer.
Kourtney, Khloé, and Scott get together for a quick recap. “Our lives are changing and there’s times when I want you to come and there are times when I don’t,” she starts off.
Scott cuts her off and says that he thinks she’s holding stuff over him to control him. Yikes! Things will never be easy for them, will they? Let’s be real: Cannes happened a month ago and obviously, Kourtney wouldn’t be over Scott’s deliberately attempts to hurt her. But literally within minutes, Kourt and Scott are laughing, joking, and holding hands. Khloé can’t even with their dysfunctional relationship. Is there even any hope for them any more?
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