The Internet Cannot Handle Megyn Kelly Dressed Up As Shania Twain

Photo: Courtesy of Nathan Congleton/NBC.
Kelly got in on the Today show's tradition of wearing Halloween costumes on air, and she really went all out. Kelly sported a black corset, a black top hat, a white trench coat, and thigh high boots, emulating Twain's look from the video for "Man! I Feel Like A Woman."
The Megyn Kelly Today host wasn't the only one dressed up as a country star, either. The Today show crew dressed up as other country singers, complete with a set backdrop modeled after the Grand Ole Opry. Al Roker went as Willie Nelson, Savannah Guthrie dressed up as Kenny Rogers, and Hoda Kotb went as Blake Shelton. Oh, and Matt Lauer dressed up as Dolly Parton, with Kathie Lee Gifford as Parton's goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus was there, too, courtesy of Carson Daly. Still, none of the other costumes seemed to gain as much attention online as Kelly's did.
Here's Kelly's costume:
And here's Twain's original video for "Man! I Feel Like A Woman:"
Twitter users had plenty of thoughts about the costume, and most of them weren't positive.
Some went straight for the source.
And one fan had an idea for how to improve the costume.
Not everyone was critical, though — some fans loved Kelly's country-inspired costume. "Megyn Kelly makes a really good Shania Twain," one even tweeted.
The best twist, though, was that Twain herself showed up to greet Kelly on the show.
In addition to Twain's surprise appearance, the real Blake Shelton and real Billy Ray Cyrus also showed up alongside their Halloween counterparts.
Here's the full Today crew with their country costumes (and one actual Billy Ray Cyrus).
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