Dean Unglert Pens Emotional Tribute To His Mom

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Dean Unglert may have fallen from grace in the eyes of Bachelor Nation, but he's still the very earnest California boy we met on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette. Tuesday, Unglert penned an emotional tribute to his late mother on Instagram in honor of breast cancer awareness month, and it will break your heart. Unglert's mother died of breast cancer when he was just a teenager.
"I remember being younger and watching my mother, Debbie, endure her breast cancer treatment," Unglert wrote. "Her body was changing quickly and, as a child, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I remember the insecurities she faced with her appearance but to me she was always as beautiful as ever and I often did my best to remind her of that."
He added that his mother had an "amazing sense of humor" about her treatment, which is why Unglert himself is such a sunny, happy fellow. Unglert continued, "Sadly, this story isn’t wholly unique. In honor of my mother Debbie, others like her, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month it’s worth noting how important early detection, education, and support services can be."
Unglert's mother's death was integral to his Bachelorette narrative. A perpetually cheery guy, Unglert started to look like a frontrunner when he opened up to Lindsay about his mother. He told Lindsay that his mother was first diagnosed when he was nine years old. She relapsed when Unglert was 14, and died shortly after. Unglert explained that from ages 15 to 18, he was largely left alone, because his father wasn't around very much.
"It was very challenging," he told Lindsay. "I hate talking about it. But yeah, I haven't ever really talked about that before, so it's difficult for me."
His Instagram post is a reminder that Dean Unglert, indecisive lugabout or no, is still a very sweet boy, and we're happy we got to see him on reality television.
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more stories about detecting, treating, or living with breast cancer, click here.
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