Gabrielle Union Slams Twitter For Mocking Her Stance On Sexual Reciprocity

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Gabrielle Union believes that we all deserve the sex we want. And who could possibly be anti-awesome sex? The Being Mary Jane star appeared on Sirius XM's Sway In The Morning to discuss her new collection of essays, We're Going To Need More Wine. (Which, as an aside, is a really fantastic name for a book.)
In her book, Union gets candid about her life. She got even more candid on Sway, when talking about her sex life. In the interview, she talks about learning how to masturbate when she was just five years old. "I had this oversized stuff animal that had like, a pot belly," she explains. "And I laid on it, and I was like, oh, oh oh, ignition, hello!" We can't say that we learned about the off-label uses of stuffed animals until we discovered the internet, but it's safe to say that Gabrielle Union was a precocious kid.
"There's a nice chocolatey human that's replaced the stuffed animal," she giggles, and we know she's referring to hubby Dwayne Wade. Union is an advocate for giving and getting in bed, and she did not mince words when talking about sexual reciprocity. "For sure a lot of women enjoy providing fellatio, but there needs to be cunnilingus. At the same, or not! Directly after, or before. Then ask him to eat your ass," Union explains matter-of-factly."If you're going to be giving out blow jobs, there needs to be some pleasure in return. It's only fair!"
Essence reports that she received some backlash to her frank (and entirely truthful) comments. Union took to Twitter to double down on going down, explaining that anyone who's uncomfortable with her remarks is "comedy." Union had exactly zero minutes for anyone who has a problem with the idea of equal sexual reciprocity. We hope everyone listens to her message of having the sex they want and deserve.
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