Maisie Williams Also Thinks Finn Wolfhard Should Have His Own Comedy Show

Maisie Williams, star of Game of Thrones, is just as enthralled with Finn Wolfhard as you are. She shared Wolfhard's performance Wednesday and tagged her BFF Sophie Turner.
"@SophieT this is so funny," Williams wrote about the tweet. (Turner has yet to reply.) Should Maisie join the cast of Stranger Things next?
This story was originally published 23rd October 2017 at 7:00 p.m.
It's not exactly a secret that Finn Wolfhard's recent projects have been a bit intense. As Mike on Stranger Things, the young actor had to find his missing BFF, face down a Demogorgon, and watch as his new crush was enveloped by the Upside Down. His role in Stephen King's It wasn't much lighter (despite Richie cracking plenty of crude jokes along the way), as the Loser's Club had to solve the murder of poor Georgie and confront a literal dancing demon.
Fortunately, Wolfhard knows how to make life funny in his offtime. In a new video, the 14-year-old actor gets his vlog game on, all while assuming the identity of a middle-aged man whose wife Karen has forced him to sleep in the bathtub.
Weird? Oh, absolutely. But just try not to burst into hysterics while watching Wolfhard wax poetic about his new bathroom life.
"Just woke up in the bathtub. Oh, did I mention I just woke up in the bathtub?," the young actor says while pointing his iPhone at the mirror in iconic Myspace fashion.
Apparently, Wolfhard's character is not having a very good go of it these days. His ex-wife "Karen" (note: Wolfhard does not actually have an ex-wife, nor is her name Karen) has taken the house. I can only assume that Wolfhard is not renting a bathroom in someone else's house — ah, the skyrocketing price of real estate.
"Middle aged business man who finds out vlogging is a thing," writes the actor in the caption for the video.
Outside of vlogging as a divorced businessman, Stranger Things star also shared his love of sports with his Twitter followers. Well, sort of.
"Lolol when I was actually interested and good at sports! Look how happy I am!"
As excited as I am for more Stranger Things, this kid definitely needs his next project to be something where he can let his comedy chops shine.

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