The Concealer We Swear By Is 50% Off Right Now

There's a funny little thing that happens in my brain when faced with something buzzy: I develop an aversion to it. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my subconscious mind, I think I'm above it all by not watching This Is Us or lining up with the other suckers to get a table at the legendary no-reservations (Jay Z and Beyoncé-approved) pizzeria in my neighborhood two hours before it opens. In reality, I'm usually just missing out.
This explains why, until two months ago, I had never tried Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. Other people liked it too much, which is a pretty fucked up reason to avoid something, but there you have it. The literal thousands of five-star reviews on Sephora, Ulta, and the internet at large made me hate it, because surely they were exaggerating, and surely this was just another instance of the destructive, unsophisticated hive-mind that continually makes The Big Bang Theory the highest-rated TV show season after season. (Why? It's terrible!)
I was wrong. This is a good concealer. In fact, it is a very good concealer, one of the best I have ever tried. Creamy, pigmented, and highly buildable (as in, you can layer it on and it won't look like you layered it on), it covers undereye circles, redness, dark spots, enlarged pores, scars from ill-advised popping and picking, and mountainous underground hormonal cysts and regular zits alike. I know because I have all of these things, and it succeeds in covering them all — and not only that, but blending so seamlessly into the skin that it actually looks like, well, skin. Naked skin.
I have more than a few regrets in this life, like not getting into Game of Thrones until four seasons in and waiting two and a half years before giving this concealer a chance. I did it my way, as the Frank Sinatra song goes, but learn from my mistakes: Watch the shows your friends are telling you to watch. Listen to the song they can't stop talking about. Hit play on the viral video that has 30 million views and 0 of them are you. And buy this excellent concealer — it comes in 14 shades, makes your face look great, and is currently 50% off at Ulta from now until the 28th. Soon enough, you'll be singing its praises, too.
Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, $14.50 (reg. $29), available at Ulta.
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