Your Definitive Guide To The Best Concealers Ever Made

Jeans, white t-shirts, bras, tennis shoes. For items we like to call “the basics,” it sure can be difficult to find ones that fit just right. And it's not just in fashion. The trusty product we rely upon to work miracles — a.k.a concealer — can often be either too chalky, too thin, too sparkly, or too flat. It's like the Goldilocks of the beauty world. That's usually why many of us tend to stick to the same one for long periods of time, because once you find that one good concealer, it's usually a done deal. That is, until now, because we set out to find the perfect concealer for every skin type, preference, and concern.
Ahead, you'll find our favorite concealers, no matter if you're dry or oily, hyperpigmented or acneic, prone to dark circles or allergic reactions. As for a new strapless bras and comfy jeans, you're on your own with that.
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