Adornia #MeToo Necklace Designer Shocked At Reaction

Update: Moran Amir, the designer behind Adornia tells Refinery29, “For me, it was very personal, as I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. I made [this necklace] for myself and my friends encouraged me to share it. To eschew any controversy that I was profiting off of other people's pain, I raised the donation to RAINN to 100%. We have seen several orders in the last day, so the necklace resonates with some. There are women who want to share their experience openly and others who do not. This necklace is for the former category. People cope differently with pain, and my intention was not to offend rather give back and provide vehicle for expression based on recent outpouring on the topic.”
In fact, the designer is shocked all of the controversy and tells Refinery29, “From the orders we’re getting it seems that there are women who want this as well and don’t think I’m trivializing the issue.” Amir hopes everyone realizes that she’s not making that much money off of the necklaces, and “every penny” she does make, the company will donate to charity, “just to prove that I’m not a greedy capitalist.”
This post was originally published on October 18, 2017.
Following the growing number of women coming forward about Harvey Weinstein — and the "Harvey Weinsteins" in their own industries — people have been sharing their own sexual harassment stories on social media in the last few days using the hashtag #MeToo, a movement started by activist Tarana Burke, which was further amplified on Twitter by actress Alyssa Milano.
On Wednesday morning, Allure editors received a pitch from Cameo PR, announcing a lariat necklace which spelled out the words “Me Too” dangling from a chain and retails for $44. They also announced 100% of the profits would go towards RAINN — the Rape Abuse Incest National Network.
Allure noted that in the email blast, Cameo PR said that its designer Moran Amir “developed her brand to empower women and help us all reclaim the words and phrases that we should be proud to use every day.” But what exactly is there to "reclaim" about the phrase "me too?"
Adornia also makes necklaces that feature the words “nasty,” “woke,” and “gay,” so it appears at least they are honest about their commitment to social causes. The difference is of course, that "me too," is not a slur being reclaimed by a subculture, it is not a "catchphrase," but a movement wherein women have disclosed their pain and their trauma in an effort to get men — and society at large — to understand how prevalent rape culture is. We live in a time where everyone is trying to show how "woke" they are, to wear their politics on their sleeve, but sexual assault isn't just politics, and it should certainly not be commercialized. #MeToo is about believing women, not selling things to them.
We've reached out to Adornia and will update this article if/when we hear back.

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