Is One Of Our Favorite YA Books Finally Getting A Sequel?

If you got to the last page of Eleanor & Park hoping for a reunion between the two protagonists — or at least a connection that extended past a three-word postcard — you might finally get your wish. Author Rainbow Rowell says a sequel to Eleanor & Park is in the works, though exactly when we'll see it is still up in the air.
It's safe to say that Eleanor & Park — a young adult novel that deals with themes of domestic abuse, bullying, and body image issues — is a pretty sad read, so it's wonderful to hear that there's potentially a promising future for the characters. Right now, however, Rowell says that Eleanor and Park's future is in the outline stages.
Speaking to Us Weekly, Rowell explained that, yes, there is a story after the novel's final page — and she wrote it immediately after she penned the original novel, which was published in 2013.
"[After] I wrote Eleanor & Park I immediately outlined a sequel. And my agent discouraged me from writing it because at the time I had no career. I had nothing, really. There was no guarantee that Eleanor & Park was going to be published," Rowell told the outlet.
"It became popular enough though that I felt like it was too intimidating to go back to it. And I didn’t want to disappoint people. I still know where they are but I kind of don’t want to tell anyone in case there is a sequel."
She also told Us Weekly that while a sequel isn't exactly in the works, it's a project she hasn't forgotten about.
"[The Eleanor & Park] sequel comes back to me at least every year or so. I’ll be in-between projects and just driving around and I’ll just be struck by — I’ll spend a whole day thinking about the characters and writing notes and kind of getting caught up in it. It comes back to me."
Keep your fingers crossed that Rowell eventually puts pen to paper with her sequel — and that her publisher is just as excited as we are about the idea.

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