Someone Needs To Make Zac Efron's Grizzly Bear Experience Into A Movie

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images
Zac Efron just inadvertently auditioned for The Revenant 2.
According to the actor's interview with People, the Baywatch star had a pretty scary run-in with a grizzly bear.
Efron, who is currently working with his brother Dylan as a "gear tester" for Columbia Sportswear (who knew the Neighbors star was so outdoorsy?) revealed that he and his buddies had a bear encounter on one of their many hiking trips.
The situation happened when Efron was climbing the Continental Divide in Montana, the High School Musical alum told People.
"Out of nowhere, [we were like] 'Okay, that’s a bear. Everybody stop.' And we all stood still," Efron told the outlet.
Unfortunately, the bear didn't just walk away.
"Somebody silently whispered 'But it’s charging at us...' It took like two big canters at us."
Umm, is there such thing as indoor hiking?
Efron added:
"It was the scariest part of the trip," Efron told People. "But it was cool to see a bear that close."
If you, like me, now want to know exactly what to do in case you, too, encounter a bear, the National Park Service has you covered.
Efron may have been the one in the scary situation while hiking, but the actor is gearing up to play one of the most frightening humans of all time. He'll star as Ted Bundy in new movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, from Paradise Lost filmmaker Joe Berlinger.
His time with that bear also could prepare him for another potential guest role, which could take him to the terrifying world of the Upside Down. In his "73 Questions" video interview with Vogue, Efron admitted that he is eager to join the cast of Stranger Things.
Keep doing your outdoorsy thing, Efron. Fingers crossed your next animal encounter is with a friendly deer instead.

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