Blake Lively Compares Her Daughter To A Surprising Character From Game Of Thrones

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty Images.
Blake Lively had the perfect Cookie Monster cake ready for second daughter Ines's celebration. Much is made of a child's first birthday cake. It is a classic photo op, and a sweet way to commemorate a baby becoming a real, food-eating kid. But as she told Jimmy Fallon on Friday's Tonight Show, this little girl has an appetite for something a little bit, um, bloodier.
"I made a Cookie Monster cake, and it was so cute, and you shove cookies in his mouth, and they crumble, and she just looked at it and then reached for a steak," Lively said, explaining that the steak was hers. "So she had a birthday steak, and then she grabs the other one, and she's ham-fisting two steaks. I've given birth to a baby Viking. It's like she's a White Walker."
The image of darling little Ines Reynolds in a birthday outfit "dripping in blood from the steak" like a Game of Thrones monster is a little bit unsettling. (One-year-olds aren't really known for being huge meat eaters, by the way.)
Her big sister James has picked up on Ines's unique qualities, according to Lively. When discussing Halloween costumes, James declared that she wants to be Cinderella, and when Lively asked if "Nessie" could be Elsa, the 2-year-old replied, "No, Mike Wazowski." That would be the round, green, one-eyed character from Monsters, Inc.
This light-hearted late-night visit was a significant change of mood from Lively's other big interview of the week. The actress shared a story with the Los Angeles Times about being sexually harassed by a makeup artist on the set of one of her movies. While that story deserves our attention, it's nice to take a step back and watch her dance battle with Fallon, too.

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