Selena Gomez's Kidney Donor Proudly Shows Off Her Surgery Scar

Selena Gomez knows when to lay low and prioritize herself and her health over the headlines. Which is why it wasn't until last month that we learned that the actress and singer underwent a fully-invasive kidney transplant this summer. There weren't even rumors circulating when the singer posted about it on Instagram, revealing that her best friend Francia Raisa was her generous donor.
Gomez needed a kidney replacement as the result of her Lupus diagnosis and Raisa, of The Secret Life of the American Teenager stardom, came to her rescue. Raisa donated her kidney to Gomez, and now proudly shows off her surgery scar on the red carpet — like the badass BFF she is.
Last month, when Gomez shared her surgery story, she uploaded a tender photo of herself and Raisa in hospital beds, hand-in-hand. The post offered fans an explanation as to why she'd been taking a hiatus from her music, and expressed heartfelt gratitude to Raisa for being her donor and her best friend. Raisa, in turn, talked about how it changed her own life.

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And while Gomez and Raisa have now both posted their stories on their personal Instagram accounts, it was only this week that Raisa stepped out publicly for the first time since the news broke. Raisa, who wore a pretty sheer nude top with embellishments, chose the moment to proudly show off the surgery scar on the left side of her stomach. It was a subtle statement, but one that spoke volumes about the kind of person Raisa is and her values when it comes to friendship and beauty. And, it shows that she's continuing to use her platform to raise awareness for Lupus research.
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