These Badass Women Brought Some Of The Best Wonder Woman Looks To Comic-Con

Photographer by Dolly Faibyshev.
As Gal Gadot took the reins on Saturday Night Live this weekend, her movie counterpart stalked the streets of New York City. Wonder Woman, in all her various iterations, appeared at New York Comic-Con.
Diana Prince has always been present at Comic-Con to a degree — the three-day long convention celebrates comic books, and the Amazonian superhero herself has been in them since 1941. But 2017 finally saw the debut of Wonder Woman's very own feature film. Wonder Woman grossed over $400 million domestically, and it gave way to a new era: The one of badass woman superheroes kicking ass on a global stage. When was the last time we'd seen a woman superhero fight crime solo in a blockbuster film? (Halle Berry's Catwoman is the last film of note that comes to mind; Black Widow of the Avengers has yet to have a standalone movie.)
Moreover, the 2017 Wonder Woman was a different creature. She wore burnished leather. Her shield looked like it could actually do some shielding. She didn't look like a pinup girl here to entertain us with her feminine wiles. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman just wanted to seek justice.
For the women at New York Comic-Con, this means a lot. It means they have a visible woman superhero that they can emulate. It means they have yet another badass costume to recreate. Some were more comfortable than others — one woman recreated the look with star-printed leggings, another struggled to bend over in her stiff corset. Such are the sacrifices you make to cosplay a strong and powerful hero at Comic-Con.
Ahead, we spoke to several Wonder Women at NYCC about Gal Gadot, Comic-Con, and what it means to finally have a leading woman superhero.
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