This Fan-Favorite Makeup Brand Is Coming to Amazon

Ah, Amazon — it's probably easier to name on one hand the beauty products that the online retailer doesn't sell rather than the ones that it does. It's not a new concept to open up a tab on your laptop and scroll through page after page of makeup and skin-care offerings on Amazon that are wide enough to replace all of your bathroom cabinet empties.
And today we have even better news for fans of the site: Amazon's beauty section just got a lot more inclusive by launching the cult-favorite beauty brand known for its wide shade range, AmazingCosmetics. (The company's motto is "no skin tone left behind," after all.)
That motto is more than just a buzzed-about claim, too. With 20 blendable shades of concealer — from fair to dark and everything in between — the brand is often considered the OG inclusive makeup brand by fans. Partnering with Amazon is one more step toward diversifying its product offerings and allowing more customers to get their hands on it.
“Everything’s changed about retail — where [the customer's] going to buy, and how she’s buying — and it’s really up to us as a brand to find her and make ourselves available where she is and cater to her habits,” AmazingCosmetics founder Sue Katz told WWD of the partnership. “It became extremely clear to us that Amazon is where she is."
AmazingCosmetics will also be launching new products soon on its website, at Ulta Beauty, and on Amazon, including its vitamin E-infused Illuminate Primer Highlighter. While there's no more info available on the new products right now, if its partnership with Amazon is any indication, we have a feeling each and every one will be well worth the wait.
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